Dipolog City House and Lot for Sale
October 10, 2012 - 4:12 pm WST

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Dipolog house and lot for sale

Are you thinking of moving to the Philippines, to escape the rat race and live in a country where you are regarded as a millionaire? Well we have a house for sale in Dipolog city which is ready to move into, all you need to bring is your personal belonging we can even provide you with a car, so that you have virtually nothing else to purchase.

The house was completed earlier this year and stands in a gated community off the main road, it is in a quiet location with views over the surrounding area. There is a communal pool which is undergoing renovation. The gated community means you are protected from casual visitors who try to sell their wares door to door. The residents are mainly expats and include some affluent locals.

We have lived in the house since February and have found that the patio doors installed both upstairs and downstairs allows for good air circulation as a light breeze can flow through the house on most days. I you love the sun it shines on the garden throughout the day, although you can always find a shady spot to sit and read. If things get too hot for you you can always switch on the air conditioning to cool you down.

The house is ideal for a family with both public and private schools within walking distance. The city centre is just a short ride away by tricycle cab, which is the main form of transport in the city. Dipolog is more like a small town rather than a city and the locals have a laid back attitude.

Local markets provide the source of fresh fish and fruits such as mango, which are cheap and delicious. If you are partial to western food the large supermarkets are the place to shop, including Lee Plaza. Lee plaza is a small modern shopping Mall with good supermarket, general stores, food outlets and a place to gather at the weekend, it has a useful underground car park as well.

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David Ogden
Dipolog city
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