Dipolog house and Lot for Sale
October 05, 2012 - 5:53 pm WST

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Dipolog house and lot for sale

Hardly had we completed our dream house in Dipolog City than we have to move away due to my business commitments, so now we are in the process of putting it on the market.

This is an excellent time for someone to purchase a new property which is ready to move into as we are leaving it virtually fully furnished including large screen TV, Larder Fridge/Freezer, Gas/electric Hob, Oven and front loading washing machine. Curtains and blinds Beds, Office and computer desks.

We are removing only our personal possessions and pictures. we will be sad to go as our garden is beginning to mature, but business is business and if you really want to be successful you have to be prepared to do what ever it takes.

We had originally expected to stay for 5 years or more otherwise we we would not even considered buying, however things change and so move we must.

We also have to set about selling our Mitsubishi Strada 4X4 which is just over a year old, and finding homes for our two dogs Fred the oldest is just over a year and Ben the youngest 9 months, we adopted both and they are turning out to be excellent pets and at the same same time guard dogs, we will miss them dearly as they will miss us. They are great with children, we have a ten year old child and a 4 year old and both dogs are happy to spend time both in the house during the day and on guard duty at night outside. when ever family members are out our the children are expected home they sit expectantly at the gate of our house.

Till the next time

David Ogden
Dipolog city
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