Ending Alpha Legacy

Ending Alpha Legacy

Alpha Legacy

Markethive is a startup company, however, in a class of itself, because of its legacy. Markethive is the results of a previous company called Veretekk (A company I also owned that invented Inbound Marketing in the mid 90s), which gives us over 20 years of intensive development, and experience.

In this process we have had to raise investment capital and crowd funding by hook and crook so to speak. The Alpha Founder program was one such promotion. I offered to practically give it all away in return for your small assistance to get us through another month of development, polishing and preparation of our eventual official launch.

Now we stand to build a sustainable income utilizing the power of Markethive with a viable customer centric business. I also have substantial venture capital offers and notable recognition and the Alpha Legacy offer now stands to actually diminish our move forward.

Although the Alpha Founder offer was a great offer for you, most people either ignored it, or never understood the value that offer represented.

You see, Markethive stands to become another Unicorn tech company.  Similar in tech companies like Pardot (Another Inbound Marketing Platform) very similar to Markethive just sold for 95 million and they are not energized with the Social Networking aspect we are. Other investors and industry leaders are beginning to recognize Markethive as an industry leader and the odds that we become a billion dollar venture have improved substantially.

You get that right?

Therefore I am officially closing the Alpha Legacy offer at the end of this month. If you want to acquire one or additional Alpha Legacies, you have until the end of the month, then it is over.

If you do want to acquire an Alpha Legacy or other company assets, like the legacy BigCaboodle capture page system, or a life time upgrade of our conference rooms, and other company specials, just log into Markethive and head over to the Company Special link @ https://markethive.com/specials

Stay tuned because the land beneath us is shifting. And opportunity is looming.

Thomas Prendergast
Markethive Inc