I jumped off a cliff!

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I jumped off a cliff! Really! I really did jump off a 300 foot cliff when I was 20 something during the same time I was pursuing and focused on surfing. Surfing with the dedication to ride the biggest waves I could find, to work towards that day, where I would be able to ride a wave bigger than a three story apartment building.

So what in the world possessed me to jump off a 300 foot cliff?

This is what this story is about. How that day came about, and what in the world was my mind doing? I have given this event much thought lately. Primarily because I am building a huge video library of what makes Entrepreneurs tick. What motivates certain individuals to greatness and what are those qualities? And I am discovering those qualities in abundance within myself. Am I so different from you?

We had been hiking in the back hills of east county San Diego near Ramona, an area known as devil’s punch bowl. I was on that camping trip with siblings and friends. We were on our way back to camp from hiking all morning. I was leading the pack and came upon a 300 foot cliff. Shear cliff, straight up from bottom top and I was on the top of it. Honestly, I looked down and at the bottom was a big elm tree. I knew, I KNEW that I could jump, spread my arms and legs and sail down at that tree and as I approached the tree, grab a limb, and it would slow my fall and I would land in perfect ease. Rthe next moment, to my family and friends astonishment I leapt into the air and sailed towards that tree. As I approached the tree, as I had envisioned, I grabbed a limb, held on tight as it bent and slowed my descent and I landed on my feet.

BOOM! Just as I knew it would happen. Never gave it much though other than that was normal for me. I laughed off my family and friends calling me a crazy wild man.  But I never thought about it much. I surfed with the same wild abandonment. Little did I know those traits could take me to the extreme limits of accomplishment, never dawning on me until much later in my life, like now, as I put all these motivational videos, entrepreneurial endeavors, and thoughts from those who have achieved levels of serious accomplishment despite massive obstacles. And this is when I started to see it in me. And it explains a lot about how I go about in life, taking the high roads, the untraveled paths with relish, ease and total faith.

Like the adventurous path I took to ride 30+ foot waves and that leads us today to Markethive.

For 20 years I built, innovated, ran, marketed, invented, supported and learned with Veretekk as I earned my blood, sweat and tears.  And now we are preparing to ride the big one. That is how I see Markethive. It is the big times. The storm swells. And I am ready.

Markethive is that great challenge I have been preparing for and it is going to be big, real big. I know it as deep in my bones and soul as I did that day I jumped off that cliff. I know it as clear as I was that day I paddled out into 30 plus feet white water and surges for 4 hours to get outside on that wintery bone chilling grey day in Santa Cruz when I took off on my first 30 foot wave.

I know it. Here we are. There have been casualties as there always is. There have been those that lost their fortitude and went back to sleep in there warm covers of their slumber. But then there is you. Like me, ready, anxious knowing this is it. We are at the forefront. You can feel it. This is our time. Know it. Because we are going to do it, this is history and you are here.

Kawabunga brothers and sisters! And always Praise the Lord!