It was called The Hammer

The Hammer

Many many years ago, I discovered a vulnerability as you might call it within a new phenomena called Free For All Links in the FFA script. This was known as the “Free For All links” script. It was invented by Matt Wright back in 1995. There were many vulnerabilities to this script. But the one I found was the ability to remotely submit your “NAME”,“EMAIL”, “LINK”, “LINK TITLE” which meant I could build a remote script, that utilized a database of the millions and millions of these simple FFA pages that people installed, because they had the option of sending an email message out to anyone that submitted to their page a link, with their name, title and email.

At a certain time during the Internet expansion, literally millions and billions of these sites developed. Many enterprising entrepreneurial engineers created a single domain with self-replicated FFA sites for subscribers, literally exploding the service. Our own FFAFARM service had over 150 million FFA sites alone.



As I helped build these scripts, enhancing them, adding email double optin verification, and self replication capability I also built scripts (robots) that would scour the Internet for every active FFA site on the Internet. Our robots looked for clues, like addlink.cgi, "Add My Link" submit buttons, and other clues that allowed us to build a massive database of literally billions of FFA sites to automatically and remotely submit to.

This process of building that remote submission system created The Hammer. It was huge and powerful. One swing of that Hammer literally produced 100s of 1000s of leads, massive traffic and incredible results. It was the perfect tool for that time (1996-2005).

I even have an old training video that shows the Hammer at work. The Hammer system in Blastomatic was a work of art. Blastomatic produced over 150 million leads in it’s day.

The Hammer spun off other similar services, like the FFAFARM, FREEFFAS, LEADSOMATIC, LINKOMATIC and the Platinum Control Panel as well as the arsenal of Hammer Control Panels for all the Traffic Portals. It was literally an invasion of epoch proportion. But that was a time gone by.

It is a great reminder of the entrepreneurial spirit, how it drives us to innovate. It reminds me of the old saying, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. This saying is as true today as it ever was. It is the nutrient in the blood of the “ENTREPRENEUR” that runs in my blood.

Markethive is the next generation built from the foundation of Veretekk technology, spirit, innovation and mission.

Veretekk was born from a mission driven by urgency to empower the aspiring “entrepreneur” the struggling home maker, under employed, under retired, the hungry, cold, huddled masses, just needing a hand up to build a foundation of independence and family sovereignty.

Markethive is a vision that is being built upon the foundation of experience and empathy that Veretekk created. Veretekk’s mission is inherent in Markethive’s vision.

Markethive is on the cusp of launching, exploding onto the marketplace to rise as a sentinel for the Entrepreneur. You have a home, the door is open. Welcome back.

Come Join me by Invitation Only. Unlike Veretekk, everything in Markethive is free.

Thomas Prendergast
CMO Markethive, Inc.

P.S. I you loved the Hammer, Markethive is going to blow you away, really!