BullyPulpit Legacy

I reconstructed this blog from many Bully Pulpits (The Veretekk name for News Letters).

The main reason is so Veretekk veterans can understand what we had and how advanced we really were and you visitors that never had a Veretekk account. As I went through these postings from many years ago, I was reminded how innovative we were. It is unfortunate that Veretekk had too many legacies from launching over 20 years ago. But as far as being an advanced Inbound Marketing system, nothing ever came close to what it was and nobody ever will.

Well we have with Markethive, but you know what I mean. So, scroll down and really absorb what we built. Then realize the new Markethive Social Network Inbound Marketing Platform crushes it.

Get The REAL SCOOP On The New System Features

Have You Ever Been Curious About The Veretekk Background Story? You Know… What’s Really Going On Behind The Scenes?

Well I have decided to tweak the direction of my blog for those wanting exactly that. Over the past ~14 years it’s been quite a juggling act doing all of the development work to create the various Veretekk tools and systems you see today. Sure, there were years where I was able to dedicate literally 16-18 hours a day into building the system. But for 11 of those years I also ran another sizable software company with 150+ employees, $5-$10mil annual revenue, etc. So I know what it means to be stretched in multiple directions and have honed the skill of “prioritization” while juggling so many projects.

In addition to actually building the system itself, for the past year or so I have also published the Veretekk corporate blog every week or so. If you are a Veretekk member, no doubt you have seen the emails and blog posts, often published once a week (obviously I prioritize building and debugging the system ahead of writing about it!) I write each one to announce new features as they are released, and try to provide a little information on how to use the new feature and what it’s all about. Many of you have responded very positively to the posts… thanks!

The truth is… after 16 years in business and millions of customers, I have yet to see ANYONE use the Veretekk system anywhere close to its full potential. To be blunt, the vast majority of Veretekk members have absolutely no clue how to effectively market their business online!

And even those that do have a solid understanding of effective internet marketing tactics, they are not taking advantage of the full power and potential the system offers.

This blog will now become dedicated to those of you that are interested in actually figuring it all out… those of you that want so badly to learn how to effectively market your business using Veretekk and get real results! Because let’s face it, there’s no one better than me to explain to you exactly how the system works and why!

If you want to learn the “why” and “how” of Veretekk, you’ll be glad you did…

Here’s the skinny on the most recently announced features…


New Web Conference Login Page!
Power Through Simplification…

You can read about the feature details on the corporate blog.

So why did we create this new login page for your conference rooms???

Well… when we launched the 100 Millionaires marketing campaign there was an immediate and ongoing flood of people interested in hearing more. So we started doing live web conferences as a very effective way of presenting all of the information to interested people. And almost as soon as we started, I realized that a certain percentage of prospects weren’t making it to the meetings… simply because they couldn’t figure out how and where to get logged in!

Now, most Veretekk members do not have this problem as they are familiar with the Live Events module, calendars, widgets, and login buttons.

But it’s critical to think outside the box! After all, the vast majority of prospects for our new business are NOT existing Veretekk subscribers!!! Our marketing efforts target people OUTSIDE the system, thus one can’t expect that all of them will be able to understand how to get into a live conference. Just sending people to my profile page works okay for some of them… but for others, they got lost and confused about what to click once they got there. There needed to be a way to pull people into your conference room without any complication or confusion.

There needed to be a simple, fool proof conference login page..

And so now there is!


The new login page does several things:

1) Provides a single URL that you can send people to for EACH specific event that you create. This way there is no chance of them getting confused about where to go or which event they are trying to attend.

2) By including a live countdown timer, there is no confusion about timezones! We are dealing with a global audience. And even though the event times are clearly listed as being Pacific Standard Time (PST), there are those that have trouble converting it to their local time. So now they can clearly see that the event starts in XX minutes.

3) Automated refresh. By design, conference rooms open 30 minutes prior to the start time for each event. However, if someone is just sitting on your profile page waiting for your Live Events widget to “open up the room” it won’t ever happen! That’s because the default behavior of the various calendars in Veretekk is NOT dynamic… meaning, you need to refresh the page. This isn’t an issue 99% of the time because people are actively navigating throughout the system and so refreshing pages as they go. And for those prospects outside the system, most do not show up more than 30 minutes early. But… there are still exceptions! So I created the new page to automatically refresh 30 minutes before the event, which causes the login button to activate if someone is just sitting on the page waiting to get in. Likewise, the page will auto update again once the event starts (and will then indicate how long the event has been running). At the end of the 1 hour time slot, the page once again auto updates to indicate that the event has been completed. Simple. Easy. Foolproof.

4) Auto Detect Member. When prospects go to the page, it has them enter their name which is then used when they log into the room. But for (logged in) Veretekk members, the system will already know who you are and display your profile photo. Just click the button and in you go. The feedback we’ve received about the new login page has been overwhelmingly positive. Many members have already put it to good use in promoting their own events.

But let me give you a little more information about how I have put this new tool to use… Using techniques that you can use as well.

I created a totally new page to use for our 100 Millionaires campaign that displays this new login page in an IFRAME. Why? Because this allows me and others to promote a single URL to prospects for all of our group events. Otherwise you have to make sure you are providing your prospects with the most up to date login page URL for the current event.

Check it out: http://go4millionsclub.com/login.php

Now, the downside of this approach is that it requires some manual work from you to update the IFRAME after each event so that it points to the next upcoming event. But the way I look at it, I’d rather take the time to do that than risk 100s of prospects getting confused each day about where they need to go to login. The other thing I added to this special page is the group events calendar. This is simply the Widget Code available right out of your Veretekk system. This way prospects can see for themselves when the next event is, in case they couldn’t make the current event.

This is all very important when you are dealing with 1,000s and 1,000s of prospects each day like we are right now… because statistically, if you even just lose 10% of your prospects because they got confused and didn’t get on your live conference, that is 100s of people each day that might very well have been a star on your team! As you can see from the link, there are also a lot of tabs at the top for help and trouble shooting. These are features I plan to eventually build into the web conference login page itself. But for now, we are still refining them so that they work perfectly in all the various web browsers, OS, etc.

Statistically, with 100s of people attending our group conferences each day, we are finding that the percentage of people unable to access the room is in fact fairly small (i.e. usually due to Java installation problems, their firewall settings, etc.) But as with the rest, reducing that percentage even smaller will mean squeezing out even better productivity and results… so the work never ends.


Expanded Lead Management Fields! Better Organization Means Better Results…

When we launched our 100 Millionaires campaign just over a month ago, one of the first things I realized is the need for a few more fields in the Lead Management area. For example, Skype has become an important means of communication. It’s something we gather on our lead capture page (http://go4millionsclub.com) and so is something that’s important to be able to access when working with the lead data.

I also took this as an opportunity to get a few other social fields added as well like Facebook and Twitter accounts. So as I call and talk to prospects I can manually collect that information as well (which is then very useful later on).


But as our group quickly swelled to 20, 30, 40 people joining into our new business, I also wanted to have some way of gauging the interest level of all the various prospects (leads) being generated by the group (around 100 per day at that point).

So I added the Interest Level field. Now… as it stands, there’s not a whole lot you can do with this new field. i.e. there’s no way to search by Interest Level, or filter leads based on it, etc. (that will come in time).

But it does provide a quick, at a glance way to recall where a prospect stands. And in our case, we monitor all of the leads brought in by our group so that we can give hot leads to those people that are actively working the business (just a side benefit of being in business with us!) You could do something similar with your own team. Require people to give you a weekly lead report, etc. A bit more manual work, but the same principles apply.


Group Member Removal… Now Directly From Your Browse Box

For you group owners, this one is actually a big time saver…. well, at least for those of you that have active, thriving businesses to look after! Here’s how it came about…

Beyond all of the typical lead generation using capture pages and other methods, one of the important tasks we require of people in our group is for them to be POSTING TO THEIR BLOGS! When you have a group of people each posting quality content to their VereBlog every 7-10 days, you have a VERY powerful asset that can be used in a mutually symbiotic way for everyone in the group. What do I mean?

Many people have yet to discover the power and potential of Veretekk’s streaming RSS feeds. Tools such as VerePress and the RSS Parser can be used to create massive “blog clouds” on 100s or even 1000s of domains and subdomains in a matter of hours (and that’s just for the initial set up). Once you have a blog cloud established, the system will automatically (and instantly) update all of the content based on the blog posts by each of your group members!

This can be an extremely powerful SEO tool. More on that later (or else, just sit in on one of Tom Prendergast’s training sessions where he’ll show you how to set up your own blog cloud). The only thing is… not everyone in your V2 group will in fact be posting to their blogs. Some people just don’t get it. And you don’t have room for people that aren’t willing to do the simple things it it takes to be successful!

So you need to remove them from your group. Normally the way to do this is to go to your group page, click the Members tab, and then the link to Manage members. But again… when dealing with a fast pace, quickly expanding group… even this can become cumbersome (i.e. having to sort through dozens or even 100s of group members). So I’ve added a quicker way to do it… directly through the community Browse Box.

I hope you have enjoyed the new format. I will continue with this approach in the weeks to come. There are a TON of big system upgrades and new features just waiting to be activated. As we bring them online, make sure to stop back by my blog if you want the details and tips on how to make the most of the system. Oh… and skype me your feedback! Good, bad, or otherwise… I like to know what you think! Veretekk.com, Inc. (Veretekk™)

The Wall Street Journal Press Release – 100 Millionaires




The Official Press Release Is Out! And The Results Are Already In…Billionaire Ed Mercer’s Program Is Exploding!As He Seeks To Set A New Guinness World Record By Helping 100 People Become Millionaires!!!CLICK HERE to read the press release on the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch Aug. 30, 2012, 3:10 a.m. EDT

The past couple weeks have been the most exciting time I have experienced throughout the entire past 16 years of building the Veretekk system.

Now I am a very serious person… who has dedicated literally years of my life to building Veretekk. And so to be able to make that kind of statement is truly a big deal. I have never said it before. And do not do so lightly. Why am I so excited? Let me explain… The past 16 years of work developing Veretekk has been a spiritual calling. The vision and purpose of the system has never changed. I believe in people.

I believe in home-based business. I know that for millions of people, having a successful business is not just a way to pay the bills… it is a fundamental way of life! It’s choosing a lifestyle where you can actually be there to watch your kids grow up. It’s choosing the ability to earn as much as you want, not what some “boss” is willing to pay you. It’s choosing to be able to work at home, not spend 30 weeks a year traveling for some company. It’s choosing freedom. I applaud you and every other entrepreneur for making that choice. Because it’s not easy. In fact that gets back to the root of why we created Veretekk in the first place…

The reality is sadly, that most people who start a home-business are not successful. We spent a lot of time researching and studying that fact and found that of those people that fail, 90% of them did so simply because they ran out of customers. They ran out of people to talk to. It’s not that they were unwilling to work hard at their business. It’s just that eventually they got to a point where they didn’t know where else to go to actually generate business. So in truth it’s not that they failed… they just eventually gave up.

We created Veretekk to be “the solution” for anyone serious about creating a successful home-based business.

The tools it provides can ensure you will have an ongoing unlimited supply of potential customers to market your business to. Thus, if you want to be successful, YOU CAN BE. It is simply a question of determination and staying power. You will never run out of quality leads and marketing exposure. But you have to know what you are doing! Veretekk has had over 20,000,000 system users in 163 countries over the past 16 years. It is a proven, viable system.

Many of our members have used Veretekk for well over 10 years and have made their businesses grow and thrive. But these are people that had a well conceived goal in their minds. They knew what they wanted to achieve, took massive action to achieve it, and have never looked back.

But many people have absolutely no clue what they are doing or even what their goals are!

If you are in this category, pay close attention to what I’m about to say… If you are not crystal clear on what you are trying to achieve, and know the exact steps you need to take to get there, you will continue to fail in your business. If you are not experienced with Internet marketing and do not have a really solid understanding of exactly how to go about developing a successful business, you are going to fail until to learn how it’s done! And once you spend the years to obtain all of that knowledge… THEN you have to actually go out there and do it! Tough words I know, but it’s the truth. And you deserve nothing less than that.

Veretekk was NOT created to help you make $300-$500 per month!

We created it so that YOU can actually change your life! Not by earning peanuts here or there from weak little affiliate programs… but by developing a serious and long lasting residual income that sets you free.

You MUST spend money to make money! Newsflash! Seriously… it amazes me how many people I hear from that say they are building a business, but refuse to spend any money. They just look for “free” advertising wherever they can find it. And guess what… they fail (shocker!) If you are not willing to invest in your business… and do so on an ongoing basis… you do not have a business! You are deluding yourself.

QUIT NOW. Seriously… If you are paying for a Veretekk Gold membership, but then not investing in any other way in your business (i.e. paid advertising, etc.) then please just cancel your membership today. You will never succeed on a grand scale this way and frankly, you’re better off just dropping the whole thing. If you are not willing to invest in yourself then stop trying to build a business. You are better off just spending that time with your family. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.

And there are no shortcuts! Anyone that says otherwise is not being truthful with you! You want to make a million bucks? I can show you how… but you are going to work hard to do it. If you are looking for a push button solution to make you wealthy, you are wasting valuable time. You are the type of person that joined Zeek Rewards (just the latest in a long tradition of ponzie scheme companies to get shut down…) where people want to believe they can make great returns on their money for doing nothing.

PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! Are you serious? Where is the product? Where is the value? Where does the money that you earn actually come from??? If you are truly serious about creating a stable ongoing income, then you need to face the fact that hard work is required. Once you’re there, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right opportunity and timing to occur.

Well you know what, it just did… So why am I more excited today than ever before??? Because while developing new features and tools will never end, after 16 years of hard labor Veretekk is finally complete. The system is powerful and effective at promoting any marketing message. It provides a SIMPLE and highly

DUPLICATABLE process that each new member of your own team can follow, which are the ingredients for exponential grow in your business. And then along came Edward R. Mercer… When I first heard his message roughly a month ago now… it immediately got my attention. Now keep in mind, as the President of Veretekk I am approached multiple times each day by people pitching their deals and wanting me to join their business. I have ignored them all through the years and remained focused on building Veretekk. I simply don’t get excited about products, or companies, or compensation plans. (What excites me is empowering other people… hence the reason I have given 16 years to building Veretekk.)

But as a professional marketer, when I heard a billionaire announce that he will pursue a Guinness World Record by helping 100 people become millionaires, I immediately recognized it as a highly viral message that would spread like wildfire. To be honest, I couldn’t care less what he was selling (of course it’s important for there to be a solid product, company, etc., but I trust that a billionaire has plenty of people doing that kind of due diligence before he is going to come out publicly and put his reputation on the line.) I knew that THIS was THE MESSAGE that would be easier to spread and duplicate using the Veretekk system than any other I have ever heard. There are a lot of great products and companies out there.

But this message is so exceedingly simple… and it gets literally everyone’s attention. What this means is, by using Veretekk to market the message…

It will produce an never ending stream of high quality leads for our team.

And in roughly 2 weeks we’ve proven it… Over 600 people have already responded to the message! And we have barely started to do any real marketing. But there’s another component to this program. It’s called the marketing cooperative (co-op). You see… no one knows how to use Veretekk more effectively than Thomas Prendergast. And you may not know it, but Tom actually owned an advertising agency in the 1980s that catered to Silicon Valley companies and other notables such as Apple, Microsoft, American Airlines, Pac Bell, and so on. And what did his company do? Main stream advertising… in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, trade shows, etc.

And so all along as we have developed Veretekk, we have done so with the intent that Veretekk should be used to manage your marketing campaigns… not “be” your marketing campaign! But most Veretekk members don’t know the first thing about publishing an effective nationwide ad campaign. You don’t know how to create an effective radio ad or TV infomercial. And learning these skills is expensive. But that’s where the marketing co-op comes in… each person that joins our team with Ed Mercer becomes part of the co-op. We then use the co-op funds to execute these large ongoing ad campaigns, and each co-op member receives a share of the business. So you don’t have to know how to do these things… We are doing the heavy lifting for you… All you have to do is talk to the people responding to the ads!

As of today there is $35,670 in the co-op that will start paying for ads next week! So if you are a serious person… that has not yet reached the level of business success you aspire to… you need to stop and think really hard about this. We are nearing the end of our pre-enrollment period. Since announcing the program roughly 2 weeks ago, the response has been huge and the results are there to prove it. Unlike 2 weeks ago when I emailed you, today I am not “predicting”… today I am simply “reporting”. The results are in… and it’s not too late for you to be part of the core team.

So here’s how this works… Once the pre-enrollment period is over, all of the business that gets generated from the co-op funded ad campaigns will be distributed under the core team. This is going to create a massive explosion in growth that will follow Ed Mercer’s press release issued today. So you have a choice… 1) Do nothing, or just quit internet marketing all together. 2) Wait and watch as this group continues to explode, then join later and miss out on the business you could have had. 3) JOIN US and be part of history. If all the time you have ever spent trying to grow a successful business means anything to you…

I strongly encourage you to stop and think seriously about what I am saying. Helping you is the reason that I have spent 15-20 hours a day for the past 16 years creating Veretekk. I cannot imagine a more perfect set of circumstances to put words into action than Tom and I personally helping and showing you how it’s really done. This is it. The time is now.

Pre-Enrollment will end at 11pm PST on Friday, August 31, 2012 This is not going to go away… we will continue periodically making announcements and providing updates on the growth and success of the group. So you will be able to continue to monitor our results. This is bigger than you and I… which is exactly why it will be so successful.

The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch division was the first to pick up Mr. Mercer’s press release early this morning, but you can be sure this thing won’t stop there: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/billionaire-edward-r-mercer-announces-program-to-set-a-new-guinness-world-record-by-helping-100-people-become-millionaires-2012-08-30

I hope that you will join us… and allow us to mentor you and personally teach you how to use Veretekk to reach your dreams… to actually have fun and experience real success, perhaps for the first time in your life. New Traffic Portal – LinksoMatic!

New Traffic Portal – LinksoMatic!

Noticed The Recent Enhancements? Login In And Check Them Out Today… The following features were announced recently:

  • VereCapture professional lead capture pages!
  • V2 Group wall sharing controls!
  • V2 Community Browse Box activated!
  • Follow @veretekk on Twitter!
  • VereTweetter widget for your Profile Page!

Today we announce a new Traffic Portal…

Generate High Quality Leads With LinksoMatic!
Backlink Submission Engine Software…

LinksoMatic is to link pages, what WordPress™ is to blogs… It is software that you can upload to your own domain and instantly have your very own backlink system that prospects can to submit to.

This is software you can give away for free, to generate very high quality leads!

You can read all about the service itself on the new portal at http://linksomatic.net.

But as the Veretekk subscriber… the REAL VALUE to you with this new portal is NOT the service itself. As with all other Traffic Portals, your offering people this great service is what generates truly high quality leads. Each time someone signs up to get the LinksoMatic software, you will see a new LinksoMatic leads appear in your Veretekk system!

Follow Veretekk On Twitter!
Stay Up To Date On All The Latest Developments…

Start following Veretekk on Twitter to hear the latest updates and information as it comes out! Engage in the discussion yourself with hash tag #veretekk.

Don’t have a Twitter account?

You’re going to want one when you see what’s coming next from Veretekk… fully integrated Twitter publishing will blow your socks off!!!

Start following Veretekk today at @veretekk and be in the loop…

On And On We Go…
Even Bigger… Better… Faster Tools!

The massive recent delivery of new features and tools goes on… Even more is on the way:

  • New web conference login platform!
  • Expanded fields in Lead Management!
  • Full blown integrated publishing to Twitter!
  • Additional Profile Page customization for Groups!
  • And much, much more…

Login to your system right now and start taking advantage of these great new features! We wish you and your business the very best of success…


Bombshell Announcement – VereCapture Is Here!

Professional Lead Capture Pages!
Configured Perfectly For Your Business

Having a properly designed lead capture page can mean the difference between a big response rate and ZERO sign ups at all. After spending so much time and effort on lead generation… and then actually marketing your message to your prospects… it’s critical to drive them to a page that will produce the greatest possible conversion rate.

The components of an effective lead capture page are fairly basic: a strong headline, a compelling video, brief but motivating body copy (text), and a form to capture their information. The whole idea is to provide prospects with just enough information for them to sign up… but nothing more! The entire goal is capturing their data so you can call them up and/or continue marketing to them through future emails, etc. If you spill too much information, then they have no motivation to fill out the form… and you lose them forever.

VereCapture pages are pre-built based on proven results. However, they are fully customizable so you can configure the content optimally for your particular marketing campaign. After you do so, simply click the button to download the file and you can then place it on your own website and the leads generated will be automatically captured by your Veretekk system.

Want to design your own page? That’s great! You can use the Group Form Code and Redirect Page tools found in the Communication area to do just that… VereCapture pages use the exact same features, but are simply pre-designed for those without any HTML or coding experience.

VereCapture is another great idea from the Veretekk stable! Everyone knows that a well designed capture page is an essential tool for marketing, but few people have any idea how to build them. VereCapture provides a selection of designs which can be modified to suit your own requirements. I like the the idea that they are so easy to modify, so if the leads are not coming in fast enough you can just do a little tweaking. Thanks, Veretekk for another value added product!

I would like to officially endorse the new VereCapture system. This tool allows you to create a capture page within minutes! You can add a video, add your own content explanation, add your own keywords, meta description and title tag. You can also add a redirect page to redirect the prospect to a Free eBook like I did. You can even clone the capture page with a different default template… Great tool for quick capture pages!

Control Sharing To Your Group VereWall
Prevent Disruptive Posts

Do you have a V2 Group, but get tired of group members posting shared content from other VereWall posts?

Well, problem solved!

Configurable VereWall posting controls have been around from the beginning, that allow you as the Group owner to designate who is allowed to post to the Group wall and what type of content (text, images, videos, etc.) However, there has been a bit of an annoying loophole in that after authorizing people to be able to post, many would do so while sharing a post from another wall. You might be totally fine with this… But on the other hand, you might want to limit posts to just those people are making locally on your Group wall.

The new configuration option offers just that. Just click the link to Edit Settings on your Group VereWall and you will see the new option to designate whether group members are allowed to post shared posts or not. Simple. Easy. Powerful… That’s what V2 Groups are all about!

Follow Veretekk On Twitter!
Stay Up To Date On All The Latest Developments…

Start following Veretekk on Twitter to hear the latest updates and information as it comes out! Engage in the discussion yourself with hash tag #veretekk.

Don’t have a Twitter account?

You’re going to want one when you see what’s coming next from Veretekk… fully integrated Twitter publishing will blow your socks off!!! Start following Veretekk today at @veretekk and be in the loop…

The Explosion Of New Releases Continues…
Stop Messing Around And Get Your Business Booming!

The massive recent delivery of new features and tools goes on… Even more is on the way:

  • LinksoMatic new viral Traffic Portal!
  • Full blown integrated publishing to Twitter!
  • Additional Profile Page customization for Groups!
  • And much, much more…

Login to your system right now and start taking advantage of these great new features!

VereTweetter Widget Plus A Big Announcement!

From The Desk Of the President VereTweetter Widget
Plus A Big Announcement!

Lots Of Recent Upgrades! Login Today And Check Them Out… The following features were announced recently:

  • V2 Community Browse Box activated!
  • VerePress is here!
  • The new Veretekk RSS Parser!
  • VereBlogs for V2 Groups, member and link box privacy options!

This week we have a few more goodies as well…

Veretekk And Twitter…
Together At Last!

Okay all of you tweeting addicts out there!

After many requests and much anticipation…

The integration of Twitter into the Veretekk system has officially begun!

It all kicks off with the release of a new widget for your Profile Page. It will display the recent tweets from whatever Twitter account you have attached to your Veretekk system. It is configurable to designate how many tweets you want displayed and automatically includes a “Follow me” link for other Twitter users to follow your tweets.

To set it up you need to first attach your Twitter account to your Veretekk account. Click the Communication tab, followed by the Social Systems button in your back office to do so. Then just go to your Profile Page and click the link to Configure your widget.


This is just the beginning of things to come with Twitter!

There are some HUGE upgrades coming soon to your Veretekk system that will provide you the benefits of full integration and publishing to your Twitter account. This will be another big social integration improvement that further expands the power and reach of your business.

Enjoy the new VereTweetter widget and stay tuned for more “little blue bird” announcements yet to come!

I really like the new Veretweeter. Kudos to Veretekk for having the vision and seeing the power of integrating the major social media platforms within the system. Social media is here to stay and obviously Twitter is one of the major players in that arena. Having the Veretweeter widget on our Veretekk profile and also on our VerePress sites is a very powerful marketing tool. It not only gets you more exposure to your tweets, traffic to your sites that you are tweeting about, but also helps you to grow your follower base. I am looking forward to the benefits of this tool and also feel that it will force me to become more active on Twitter as well, which in turn will increase my business!

The New “VereTweeter” is another great benefit to spread the word on what is important to us automatically. You could be tweeting from anywhere and your Veretekk system is picking up the tweets and posting them for you. Those who want to keep their business simple with massive spread of content should take a closer look at all the tools Veretekk offers!

Top Secret Sneak Peek Announcement!!!
Ready For A Powerful New Traffic Portal???

For over 15 years Veretekk has been a dominant player in the free link submission market with Traffic Portals such as Blastomatic, FFAFarm, eTracking, FreeFFAs, 1-Family Classifieds, Leadsomatic, etc.

Now we’re taking things to a whole new level with…

LinksoMatic backlink submission engine software!

LinksoMatic is to link pages, what WordPress™ is to blogs… It is software that you can upload to your own domain and instantly have your very own backlink system that prospects can to submit to.

How does it work for you?

Giving away this free software is a powerful lead generation technique!

Hence the reason that LinksoMatic will become the next Traffic Portal available through your Veretekk system. There is much more information to come… and no official launch date has been set.

But… LinksoMatic is coming very soon!

Prepare to explode your lead generation, all over again…

Profile And Group Page Traffic Analytics!
VereTracking Has Expanded…

Starting today you will notice traffic stats appearing in your VereTracking panel for your V2 Profile Page as well as any V2 Group pages you control. There’s nothing you need to do to activate it, just sit back and monitor your traffic as it comes in!

To check your stats, click the RESOURCES tab, followed by the VERETRACKING button.

Just another system improvement… to help your business improve its results.

VereBlog Feeds Now Support The .rss Extension…
Same Feed… More Options!

Due to member requests, and the fact that various third party systems only support the .rss extension (instead of .xml), we have expanded the syndication options for your VereBlog feed to support both extension types:


The format and data delivery have not changed, just the new URL now available for you to use as well.


Excellent news about the new .rss feed extension feature! Now my VereBlog works in even more places where the search engines will pick it up. Great stuff!

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Engage in the discussion yourself with hash tag #veretekk.

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More Is On The Way… Veretekk Always Delivers…
So Your Business Succeeds!

Lots more is on the way… Your business will never be the same again! Stay tuned for coming releases:

  • VereCapture customizable lead generation pages!
  • LinksoMatic new viral Traffic Portal!
  • Full blown integrated publishing to Twitter!
  • And much, much more…

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Community Browse Box Activated!

From The Desk Of the President
Community Browse Box Activated!

Have You Checked It Out?
Many New Features Recently Activated…

The following are features announced recently:

  • VerePress is here!
  • The new Veretekk RSS Parser
  • VereBlogs for V2 Groups, member and link box privacy options
  • Veretekk Messaging
  • Web Conference Room custom logos

And the good stuff just keeps on coming! Even more great features have been activated…

The V2 Community Browse Box
Easier Access To Member Information Than Ever…

Interacting with other V2 members is what social networking is all about! Whether you’re looking for information on starting up a new marketing campaign… want feedback on the most effective techniques to use… or simply want to explore and find out what other members and groups are doing, the Veretekk community represents a vast pool of information and experience from other entrepreneurs just like you!

Now it’s easier than ever to explore the V2 community!

With the launch of the new member/group browsing tools, simply click on a member’s photo and a small dialog box will appear and display basic information like their number of posts, comments, likes, dislikes, etc. It also provides a direct link to view their friends as well as any groups they belong to. You can click and follow these links and navigate from member to member, group to group, etc. and discover all kinds of people and information you may be interested in!

But the new interface offers much more than just information…

Various activity tools are embedded on each page as well. Want to add a new friend? Just click the link… or click their image if you want to view their Profile Page first for more information. Joining a new group is just as easy. Just navigate through the information box and click the link to join that group. All of the normal member functions are right there at your fingertips!

The system also includes a Quick Messaging tool for interacting with your Friends. It runs through the same system as the main Messaging module in your Dashboard, but is accessible from anywhere else in the system you happen to be!

The Community Browse Box is just the latest in a series of new system features, designed to help members expand their knowledge, influence, and reach within the community. Try it out today!

Making friends and being able to share information with them is a great new feature of V2 and the newly launched Browse Box makes this easier to do. You can click on any members’ names virtually anywhere in the system and see a brief resume about them… you can request to be their friend… or send them a quick message. You can also delete them or block them if needed. Building friends not only allows you to keep in touch but also to see what other people are doing. I mentor a number of people, and as they are my friends I see a copy of what they post to their VereBlog and can coach them into how to improve their content. Thanks Veretekk for a great new feature to improve communicability!

There is so much to do and get involved with here at Veretekk!

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Want To Get More Involved?
Join The Elite Members On The Cutting Edge!

Veretekk is never complete… at any point in time we have a TON of new system features waiting in the pipeline to be activated. If your an active member interested in getting more involved, consider joining the VereTester or BrainTrust group!

We take member feedback seriously!
So seriously in fact, that Veretekk actually involves the members of these two groups in the development process itself.

If you have strong technical skills, and understand the general process of “testing” software, consider joining the VereTester group. These members get to see new Veretekk systems and features before anyone else! They donate their time to thoroughly testing the details of each new feature and play a pivotal role in the release process.

Not technical, but serious about marketing? The BrainTrust group is for experienced professionals that understand online marketing and how to use Veretekk’s tools. They receive access to new beta features before other members (after the VereTesters have done their review). The BrainTrust participates in the development process by providing professional feedback on new releases as well as suggestions for future features and priorities.

Members of both groups receive a special icon badge that displays in the Credentials tab of their Profile Page to provide accolades and acknowledge their contributions.

Want to know more? Go to the group page(s) and click the PDF information links below the events calendar. If it sounds right for you, click the link to Join. Membership requires approval.

Click here for the VereTester group.
Click here for the BrainTrust group.

Get Ready For Even More!!!
You Will Be Blown Away…

The backlog of new system features is about to be unleashed! It won’t be long now:

  • VereTracking for group and profile pages!
  • The VereTweetter widget!
  • Expanded file extensions for VereBlog feeds!
  • Serious Twitter integration and publishing!
  • VereCapture pages!
  • And much, much more…

Don’t Take Our Word For It!
Here’s What Other Members Have To Say…

I have been a Veretekk user for several years and am still amazed at the SEO power this great tool provides. Although it is quite extensive and takes some time to understand the full power it provides, it is well worth the investment of time to learn and implement. If you are a serious Internet marketer, you need Veretekk to help you get top positions for the keywords you want to target. Great job Veretekk for a fantastic Internet marketing system! Ron Blackwelder

The more I use the Vereblog, the more impressed I become. It really is an incredible system! I just discovered that if I type in a normal document, the system will automatically convert it to HTML with all of the proper coding. (How cool is that? Edit+ doesn’t even do that!) I can use the HTML Editor to type up other documents and then use the converted HTML for anything I want. That saves me a lot of time. WOW! Ray Barmore

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VerePress Is Officially Launched!

From The Desk Of the President
VerePress™ Is Officially Launched!

Did You Hear The News!
Lots Of Great New Features In Your System…

A quick recap of features announced last week:

  • Separate VereBlog for V2 Groups
  • Group member display privacy
  • Group link box display options

This week’s new announcement is a MONSTER…
After 6+ months of testing and pre-release versions… The time has finally come…

VerePress Is Here!

What’s it mean for you? Read on…

Massive VereBlog Syndication Potential…
Fully Configurable And Controlled By You!

VerePress is a very simple, but extremely powerful blog syndication system that allows you to multiply your exposure and VereBlog publishing to an unlimited number of websites and domains. If you are familiar with WordPress, this is similar in that it is software you can upload to your own websites in order to display a blog. However, VerePress improves on the WordPress model in a number of ways:

100% Secure – WordPress blogs are plagued by massive hacking and security problems. It is up to each individual website owner to secure their own system (web servers, databases, etc.) Because there are millions of WordPress blogs out there, there is a huge market for hackers to exploit. Each time a weakness is located, every website using WordPress is at risk. Conversely, VerePress security is managed entirely by Veretekk in one location. There is no database or server security for you worry about. Therefore hacking and disruptions to your blog website are never an issue.

No Technical Knowledge Needed – WordPress is designed to be “simple”, but still requires a lot of technical expertise. There are dozens of files and database tables to install and maintain. Even once you get it installed, managing FTP accounts, plugins and widgets, administrative functions, etc. all requires a certain level of coding knowledge and technical experience. VerePress can be used by anyone… including those with no technical ability at all. There is a single file to upload to your website and that’s it! Afterwards, all of the configuration and customization of the system is done from this easy-to-use control panel.

VereBlog Integration – Given the power and features associated with your VereBlog, it only makes sense that you would want to use it as your primary blog for your business. There are third party plugins (e.g. FeedSnap) available for WordPress that allow you to display an external RSS feed (like your VereBlog) on your WordPress blog. However, it’s complicated to set up… and has absolutely no SEO value at all! Even though your WordPress website may be displaying your VereBlog, if you look at the source code you’ll see that none of the content shows up in the HTML. By comparison, VerePress actually writes the content of your feed into the HTML itself, making your blog a powerful tool for search engine optimization.

Multiple RSS Feeds – VerePress is designed for marketing professionals, which means you can incorporate as many RSS feeds into your blog as you want. This is a powerful feature when working as part of a team with other members, or simply to multiply the SEO impact for multiple Veretekk accounts (and VereBlogs) you control.

Easy Design And Customization – Use the VerePress control panel to configure how you want your blog to look. Turn widgets on and off, change the style and display, adjust functional settings, etc. No coding knowledge needed. No additional files to upload, or plugins to configure. Just adjust your settings through the control panel and the changes will update instantly on all of you VerePress websites!

Simply put… VerePress is a simple and intuitive, yet extremely powerful way to duplicate and distribute your marketing content on to multitudes of websites and domains. The system is only available to Veretekk Gold subscribers (so if you still haven’t tried out Gold… now’s the time!)

Never before has content syndication been this easy – try it yourself!

Once again Veretekk has rocked my marketing world with the release of the VerePress system!!! Up until now, the software of choice for creating blogs has been WordPress. Personally, I have never liked WordPress. It is based on a database, which makes it problematic to move or copy if you need to. This also can put a heavy load on the hosting server and can slow down your site. Then there are the plugins and the regular updates of those plugins and WordPress itself needed in order to fix security holes (there are lots of them). Constant maintenance!

No more of that with VerePress! A very simple interface and robust coding behind the scenes allows me to very quickly deploy a blog that is driven by my Veretekk RSS feed, and I can even mix in other feeds if I wish. For non-technical users or first timers, creation of a new website is a breeze. Configure it in your Gold system back office, download the files and upload those to your hosting account, and you’re ready to go. It is not database based, so it is very easy to copy or move a site if I need to. There are no plugins required, so the only ongoing maintenance is to post content to my VereBlog. And best of all, there is only one security concern – the admin login password, which is easily protected. VerePress solves all the concerns I have with WordPress and then some… Thanks Veretekk!

Bill Brine

Veretekk has really outdone itself with the release of VerePress… it far exceeds the beta version that I had been using for a few months. Once you set up your template on your own domains or the free Veretekk sub domains, it will be updated automatically from your VereBlog posts or RSS feeds. There is a wide choice of templates and if that is not enough you can change the look and feel by adding removing elements as well as the more advanced colors, fonts, and images to make it completely your own. And I just love the secure comments box! The setup is simple and easy to understand and the results are outstanding! R.I.P. WordPress… Hello VerePress!

David Ogden

The Veretekk RSS Parser…
Embed Your VereBlog Content ANYWHERE!!!

But as if VerePress wasn’t enough, it gets even better…

Your existing VereBlog includes an RSS Feed that you can use to syndicate your content through a wide range of outside systems and services. It is also compatible with “RSS parser” code which is widely available online for those with some PHP and HTML programming experience.

However, VerePress offers a special RSS Parser that’s designed to be used specifically with VereBlog feeds and requires very little coding knowledge. You can use this feature to automatically configure how you want the feed to display, then simply copy and paste the code into your own website. This allows you to maintain full control over your site and just add your VereBlog wherever you want it to appear.

For those with multiple Veretekk Gold accounts, or those working in a group with a team, the RSS Parser even allows you to combine multiple VereBlogs into a single feed… with full control over how you want the blogs to be mixed together. This is a powerful SEO tool.

In order to get my RSS feeds into my websites I have been using a program called RSS2HTML. It is complicated and it slows my website load time. But now the new Veretekk RSS Parser offers simple code that you can put in your website and have your VereBlog content shows up. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to put my RSS feed into my website while it took days for me to figure out RSS2HTML. Furthermore the Veretekk RSS Parser does not slow down my website one bit!

Try out the new RSS Parser… you will love it!

Michael Barbarita

Want To Get More Involved?
Join The Elite Members On The Cutting Edge!

Veretekk is never complete… at any point in time we have a TON of new system features waiting in the pipeline to be activated. If your an active member interested in getting more involved, consider joining the VereTester or BrainTrust group!

We take member feedback seriously!
So seriously in fact, that Veretekk actually involves the members of these two groups in the development process itself.

If you have strong technical skills, and understand the general process of “testing” software, consider joining the VereTester group. These members get to see new Veretekk systems and features before anyone else! They donate their time to thoroughly testing the details of each new feature and play a pivotal role in the release process.

Not technical, but serious about marketing? The BrainTrust group is for experienced professionals that understand online marketing and how to use Veretekk’s tools. They receive access to new beta features before other members (after the VereTesters have done their review). The BrainTrust participates in the development process by providing professional feedback on new releases as well as suggestions for future features and priorities.

Members of both groups receive a special icon badge that displays in the Credentials tab of their Profile Page to provide accolades and acknowledge their contributions.

Want to know more? Go to the group page(s) and click the PDF information links below the events calendar. If it sounds right for you, click the link to Join. Membership requires approval.

Click here for the VereTester group.

Click here for the BrainTrust group.

Like What You See???
We’re Just Getting Started!

While the recent system releases are huge, there’s even more on the way…

Stay tuned for the launch of:

  • A powerful new members/groups browsing tool!
  • Serious Twitter integration and publishing!
  • VereCapture pages!
  • And so much more…

Don’t Take Our Word For It!
Here’s What Other Members Have To Say…

V2 is now a fully integrated system. With new features like Messaging and Block Member features you can choose who to associate with and who not to. This type of business integration is one of a kind.

Veretekk continues to “under charge and over deliver” with their state of the art tools and services. You get the whole package here! SEO, blogging, backlinks, autoresponders, bulk emailing, lead generation with over 20 traffic portals, web conferencing, PDF portfolio, social networking for business, self-replicating eBooks… and the list goes on and on. The new videos section is a fantastic place to gain valuable insight from real marketing professionals.

Steven Cavan

Login to your system right now and start taking advantage of these great new features!

Go For Veretekk Gold!

Go For Veretekk Gold!

Are You Really Serious About Your Business?
Do You Have The Determination Needed To Succeed???

A successful home-based business will allow you to take control over your life!

You can obtain REAL financial independence!

Have the flexibility you want to spend more time with your family… or do the things you love to do!

But you will never succeed until you GET SERIOUS about doing it.

If you’re ready to take that step, then there is simply no way you can be without a Veretekk Gold system. For only $54.95/month you get literally $1000’s per month in value! In order to succeed, you’re going to have to get the right tools… You can find a lot of them in other places, but only Veretekk puts the entire package together for what you need… at a cost far lower than purchasing it all separately.

But beyond the tools…

There is no substituting the value of Veretekk’s Social Network and Community!

How do you put a price on an unlimited pool of knowledge? What’s it worth to have an entire community of people that have already walked in your shoes? People that can answer your questions… give you advice… and teach you what works and what doesn’t? Where else can find such an invaluable resource???

The following is just a partial list of things you’ll get with Veretekk Gold that aren’t available to other members:

  • 40+ separate lead generating websites
  • Your own VoIP web conference room
  • Professional website hosting for your own domains
  • Use of subdomains on 12 aged domains
  • cPanel management system
  • Fantastico plugins
  • VerePress secure blogging system
  • phpBB secured forum w/remote posting
  • Your own veretekk.com POP email address
  • The Drill – build 1000s of SEO backlinks!
  • “The Hose” to control lead placement
  • VereTracking statistical analytics
  • Content sharing with other members
  • Lead Management system
  • Sequential Mailer autoresponder email
  • PDF Portfolio of customizable materials
  • Self-replicating eBooks
  • 3 Levels of Referral Fees

And so much more…

But even if somehow you’re still not convinced, you can give Veretekk Gold a chance with no risk or obligation!

Limited Time Opportunity For Silver Members!
Try Out Veretekk Gold For Free!

If you’re serious about building a successful home-based business, upgrade to Veretekk Gold. It is an absolute MUST for anyone interested in growing their business, results, and success. Don’t take our word for it… Just ask a Veretekk Gold member. We’re so sure you’ll agree that if you act right away, we’ll give you the full system at no cost for 30 days. That includes everything: all the marketing tools, web hosting for your own domains, your own person web conference room, etc. Just login to your account and click the “Free Trial” button on any page. Remember, with the V2 community, support is always just a click away… You are never alone at Veretekk.

Get Paid By Veretekk

Add To Your Income While Generating Leads
Profit Portals Let You Have It All!

Traffic Portals are designed to generate high quality leads for your business. But a few of them are very special. Not only do they offer a valuable service for free, they allow people to upgrade (for a fee) to receive even greater services. When that happens… Veretekk pays you a commission fee!

Some members have developed a very nice income from their Profit Portals alone.

Promoting these portals is already a great way to generate leads, so why not get paid to do it? You can even target your promotions specifically to focus on Profit Portals. The possibilities are infinite!

Let Other People Know About Veretekk…
And Watch Your Business Explode!

Veretekk is designed to help you explode your home-based business. Every tool in the system has been developed for that specific purpose. Over the past 15 years, literally millions of people from around the world have used Veretekk solely for the purpose of promoting THEIR business. However, for those people interested in telling others about Veretekk…

Veretekk will pay you very well to do so!

New Veretekk members typically fall into 2 groups… Those that already have a home-based business and are trying to promote it, or those that don’t yet have a business but are looking for a solid, credible opportunity. Both groups benefit from the referral fees paid by Veretekk.

For existing business owners, particularly those that work with a team of other people as part of their business… They quickly see how much faster their business would grow if ALL of the people they are working with were using Veretekk too! When you refer people to Veretekk, you get paid very well.

And for those new members that are searching for a way to make a solid income online, Veretekk offers them legitimate business potential. Truth be told… more than 1 member has used Veretekk to promote their business only to find that over time they were making more money from Veretekk than they were the business they set out to promote!

Serious Compensation Potential
Get PAID To Grow YOUR Business!

Veretekk’s compensation model is designed to compliment the payment plans that are common to the majority of home-based businesses… which typically operate through distributors or affiliates and pay commissions not only on the products/service your business sells, but also on the sales made by other people you recruited. If your business works this way, then you are already motivated to help people you recruit to succeed… and help people they recruit as well.

By introducing your team to Veretekk, the results generated for your business can explode. But beyond that, Veretekk will then pay you referral fees 3 levels deep as well, which generates even more revenue for your business.

You can find the details of Veretekk’s referral fees in the Support section of your system.

Other Veretekk Tips

Resources… Resources… And More Resources!
Some Additional Tips And Tricks With VeretekkThere are so many powerful tools and resources within Veretekk that they can’t possibly be covered in a single email. As you explore you will find them though… and as you engage in the community you’ll find many members ready to share all kinds of information and tips embedded throughout the system.But there are a few that are worth drawing your attention to…The Veretekk WidgetWant to brand yourself as a marketing pro? Use the Veretekk widget code and paste it into the HTML on your own websites. Not only does it help you establish greater credibility for your business… embedded in the widget are social buttons integrated with your Veretekk Social Systems settings… further streamlining the traffic and exposure to your various social system websites as well.Customized PDF PortfolioThe PDF Duplicator is proprietary technology that takes well formatted and designed marketing tools (e.g. ad reprints, company brochures, etc.) and combines them with your database profile to make a professional, printable, portable document that has been customized with your prospects’ information built right into it, all in a matter of seconds. Veretekk gives you a selection of professionally designed sales materials, business cards, flyers etc. But beyond the default system materials…You can create your very own customized PDF materials!

This is an incredibly powerful feature with virtually unlimited potential… You can then use your Veretekk system to self-replicate your PDFs so that they are customized for each of your prospects, team members, etc. however you see fit! So whether you need to create sales brochures, or a full blown eBook with hyperlinks and tags specific to each person viewing it… the PDF Duplicator is the tool you need.

Using eBooks to Expand Your Business

Your system includes a small library of powerful eBooks to compliment your lead generation efforts. There is deceptively powerful component to them. Each one is packed full of links that point directly to YOUR Veretekk portals and assets. So when you promote them to other people (for the same reason that Traffic Portals work… they offer valuable information that people want to have), everyone that reads it is pulled into your personal Veretekk system when they follow the links.

eBooks are just another resource you can use to build a large, robust lead database, by offering people something with real value at no cost. You can promote and add them to your email, blogs, forums, social network systems and websites. Each eBook uses a URL link and code, so all you have to do is put it on your websites. No need to download and upload these eBooks. The system creates them on the fly for you.

Another benefit that is not as obvious is the fact these are ASCII-based PDF files and that means that Google and other search engine robots can read these eBooks and index them… and Google ranks backlinks from PDfs highly.

So beyond lead generation… eBooks can help the SEO results for your Traffic Portals as well.

Web Analytics And Tracking

Veretekk includes its own statistical tracking tool for monitoring the traffic that comes to your websites. This technology pre-dates Google Analytics and most every other website traffic software out there. And no, it’s not as flashy as Google Analytics… but it’s not designed to be. There are some specific functions and uses with VereTracking that other systems do not offer. That’s why it’s here.

VereTracking is easier to install then other systems as it is basically just an IMAGE tag. Because it is an image tag (rather than a long piece of javascript code) you can also post it in forums, blogs and Social Networking systems and be very sneaky about watching what kind of traffic you are getting there.

There are lots of uses for VereTrackign that are extremely valuable. It is much more than simply tracking visitors that come to your websites. For example, paste the code into your marketing emails… and be able to track the percentage of people that are actually opening the email and reading it! The possibilities are endless.

Promotional Banners

Veretekk even provides you with promotion banners, for those interested in using them to draw in visitors to your portals… web conference events… or even your own personal websites. There is a large inventory available. Simply download the .zip file you want based on the size of the banner you’re looking for.

These banners are compelling and produce results. There are advertising agency quality. And they are there ready and waiting to go to work for your business!

The Vertekk Learning Curve

The Vertekk Learning Curve

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know… Until You Know It!
You Are NEVER Alone With Veretekk

Tools… tools… tools…

What good are they if you don’t know how to use them and can’t find anyone to help?

As they say… you can build an entire house with a power saw, but you can also cut your hand off! (ouch!)

After over 15 years in business, with millions of system users, Veretekk understands that in order to really help people be successful in building their businesses… you have to offer a lot more than just tools. You need help, guidance, and support along the way too. Technology means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.

Live Seminars, Workshops, And Conferences
Knowlegde And Experience To Benefit Your Business

You will find the Veretekk events calendar throughout your system… in your Dashboard, and on your Profile Page. And for good reason… live interaction with other home-based business professionals is by far the best way to learn the tools and techniques you need to be successful yourself.

Veretekk puts the knowledge you need to succeed right at your fingertips.

Through the calendar of community events, you have access to live interactive meetings with instructors and presenters that have the knowledge and success required to help guide the way and answer your questions. These live web conferences are provided 24/7 by seasoned instructors from all over the world from many diverse cultures. Veretekk built its legacy on knowledge, teaching and mentoring. Today, the knowledge available to you is priceless. The insights and experiences that have developed within the community over the past 15 years represent an invaluable benefit for your business.

Veretekk is not entirely unlike an actual University experience… and our alumni are very successful. They are an ever growing and permanent part of the Veretekk Social Network… routinely offering training, conducting seminars, putting on presentations… and answering YOUR QUESTIONS. It is the pinnacle of true social networking and creates a strong bonding family experience. As it is said, “You are never left alone in Veretekk”.

Education is the key and has always been the main focus of Veretekk. Did you know…

  • China will soon become the number one English speaking country in the world.
  • The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004
  • We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist…
  • Using technologies that haven’t been invented yet…
  • In order to solve problems we don’t even know are problems yet.We are living in exponential times…
  • There are over 30 billion searches on Google every month.
  • In 2006 there were only 2.7 billion…
  • Today the total number of text messages sent everyday exceeds the total population of the planet.
  • Radio took 38 years to reach a market audience of 50 million.
  • But more information will be created this year than all the information combined in the previous 5000 years.
  • The amount of new technology information is doubling every 2 years.
  • Supercomputers will soon exceeds the computational capabilities of the human brain.
  • By 2049 a personal computer will exceed the computational capabilities of the entire human race.Education is more important now than ever.Mentoring and social/professional networked-based support is more important than ever as well. The global economy is in shambles. Job market? What job market? The only real alternative is developing a business of your own. If you have always worked for someone else… the prospect of building your own home-based business can be pretty intimidating. But that’s why Veretekk is here… and that’s why you’ve found it!

  • Knowledge Is Power
    And There’s An Event For Everyone!The system is designed so that while everyone can see all of the events scheduled each day, access to each event can be restricted. However, this isn’t done to prevent people from attending… it’s actually just the opposite. It allows people to schedule events that are wide open and available to the public.People can attend without even having a Veretekk account!The goal here is not to force people into signing up for Veretekk (though, why wouldn’t you?) It’s to make the value contained in “The Social Network for Home-Based Business” available to anyone and everyone that needs it! Veretekk is all about HELPING people… Veretekk is about helping the “little guy” succeed. And because of the widespread marketing activity that occurs through its members, new visitors are popping up all the time. The can simply click the button on your Profile Page and they’re able to attend any public event they want!This works great for general marketing topics, discussions, and presentations. But sometimes events are focused on specific tools or features found in Veretekk… and so these events are often scheduled for “members only”. That said… membership is free! So anyone can attend them by simply registering an account. Occasionally there are also conferences that focus specifically for features and tools that are only available to Veretekk Gold members, and thus you must have a Gold account to attend these events.Video Archives
    Your Marketing Library…Nothing can touch live seminars. They’re the best way to really dig in and learn something new. But when your schedule prevents you from attending, there are other resources as well… like the Video Archive Library. The information it contains is worth $1000s of dollars. They cover everything from finding good domains, all the way to setting those domains up and integrating them into your Veretekk system… literally creating an armada of unbelievable marketing power.

The Veretekk Market Manager

Serious Marketing Management
Search Engine Optimization Tools That Work!

Owning a Market Manager system not only sets you apart from the ranks of Veretekk members, but also from the scores of self-proclaimed Internet marketing professionals at large online. The power of these tools cannot be understated. There are several major benefits.

Becoming an SEO professional: This is the primary purpose of this system. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become one of the primary goals of Veretekk since inception. To be able to control unlimited SEO assists (blogs, RSS feeds, social networks, mailing lists, classifieds, search engines, forms, etc.). Add to that 1000’s of Veretekk assets built right into the system, like the Blogger Drones, Blogger template files you download, Super Forums, and you can easily see that using the Marketing Manager to run an SEO campaign is the only manageable solution on the Internet.

Being a team captain: If you are working with a group of other people, involve your team and delegate assignments. Use the Market Manager to manage their Veretekk Gold systems and delegate duties to them, mostly blogging. You can take care of the portal link swarming, configuration, mailing etc. in minutes compared to your team members learning to do all of this. Therefore your marketing effort is leveraged and your team prospers!

Being a Veretekk leader: Reach out to other silver and gold Veretekk members through the VereWall, your Profile page, web conferences, etc. and let them know you can configure their systems for them in record time (using your Market Manager system). That way they can concentrate on marketing, not the learning curve. It is your choice if you want to offer this service for a cost. Think of the benefits, did you know most Gold accounts that cancel due so because of the time constraints? Help them save time while generating extra revenue for yourself!

The Market Manager is packed full of powerful tools.

The results it can generate are so huge that, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can do some real damage! But the truth is that these tools are intuitive and easy-to-use. The Market Manager uses entirely “white hat” SEO techniques. Remember, there is no substitute for good quality content. But… when you play by the search engines’ rules, the Market Manager will drastically cut down the amount of time it would normally take you. You can accomplish the work of an entire week before your second cup of coffee!

What are the best keywords for you?

When it comes to SEO campaigns, choosing the right keywords is the most important step. If you get this part wrong, there’s very little you can do to recover, short of just starting over from scratch. So it pays understand how to pick the right keywords and learn how to perform a strategic keyword analysis for your SEO campaign.

Veretekk will teach you to do just that.

The Keyword Analysis tool is designed to help you keep track of the research results you find while doing your strategic analysis. It’s a simple process, but the end result is extremely valuable to you. Using this tool you’ll know exactly what your target keywords are (and why), before you even lift a finger to start marketing them. You may be surprised to find out that some keywords that seem perfect for your campaign turn out not to be worth the effort… and other outlying keywords you hadn’t thought of will become your biggest source of traffic and income. When you have the right tools, and are shown how to use them, everything gets a lot easier!

Reliable Backlinking Management

The Backlink Management system is designed to help you stay organized as you establish backlinks on “Authority Sites” and other websites related to your target keywords. But just as important as creating quality backlinks… is the need to monitor them and make sure they remain active. So the system allows you to do that as well. At a glance you can verify which links are currently in place and which have disappeared (so that you can go figure out how to get it back in place).

More than anything else, as you develop a huge inventory of solid backlinks, it can simply be a lot of information to keep track of. This is important at times when your search engine ranking starts changing, for better or worse, as you will want to analyze your backlinks to help determine why it’s happening. Now you can.

Forum Activity Management

Online forums and bulletin boards can play an important part in your SEO campaigns and/or broader marketing effort in general. There are literally thousands and thousands of forums out there, each specializing in a different topic or theme. Some are very casual and open to anyone to come read and post new topics. Others are highly restricted and can take months to gain access to.

Working with forums is much more than creating backlinks (for that purpose, the Backlink Management tool will work just fine). As you develop your online marketing campaigns you will want to establish yourself over time in various professional forums out there, not simply to post a link, but to promote a brand in general, gain authenticity and credibility, and basically establish yourself as a marketing professional.

Working with forums is not a quick process. Some of the most note worthy sites can take a long time to get into. Many require 20 or more quality posts before you can even create your own topics, post hyperlinks, etc. And many will heavily censor your posts, delete them if they don’t fit well into their community, and/or even ban you permanently from the forum if you engage in “drive by spamming” to simply promote your business.

Since it can take weeks of carefully calculated follow up and posting to get established… and you may be doing so in 10-20 or more forums at once… it can get confusing! The Forum Manager tool is designed to help you keep track of all that ongoing work. Simply create a new record for each forum you target, add notes each time you work with them, and set reminders for yourself about the next steps you need to take.

Advertise Your Business!

Generating traffic from SEO, backlinking, and email marketing is very effective but at the same time, there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned advertising campaign. Through the process of doing your strategic market analysis and reviewing websites that are competing for your chosen keywords, you will inevitably find some good websites to consider purchasing ad space from.

The Advertising Management tool is here to help you stay organized with your ad campaigns – online or offline… you can keep track of the all the key information right here. As you store the basic information about each place you advertise with you will develop a database that you can return to each time you launch a new campaign.

But more than simply storing basic information, you can also track the results of each ad campaign… which is of course critical in determining if it was worth the money you paid to run the ad. Of course many places provide they own tools when you advertise with them to help you analyze the results, but by keeping track of your result summaries here as well you can then better assess how an ad campaign on one website compares to the next.

Managing Professional Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is more then building a good website… or sending out emails, or SEO, or advertising, or branding, etc. It is ALL of these things and more. Naturally the first challenge is collecting and paying for all of the various tools you need to be successful. With Veretekk, you’ve solved the first problem. But the next challenge is keeping it all organized and using tools that streamline your efforts so you don’t get bogged down and stuck half way through the execution of your marketing campaign.

The Market Manager allows you to define separate campaigns that you can then build all of the related activities around… and manage the entire thing from a single control panel interface. Maybe you want to run multiple campaigns at the same time for your product. Or maybe you’re engaged in 2 separate businesses and want to manage marketing for both of them. This is the place to do it.

Control Multiple Accounts

The power of the Market Manager is derived from the ability to control 10, 20, 50, 100 or more separate Veretekk Gold accounts from a single system. When you consider the power and potential of a single Gold system, you can start to imagine the possibilities the Market Manager offers.

Each Veretekk Gold account is, after all, a system that is targeted for a specific keyword (i.e. the username for that account). That username is part of the URL for each of the traffic portals, SEO portals, blogger drone sites, etc. which means each Veretekk account is perfectly positioned to go after that keyword term in the search engines. When you combine 10 or 20 or more keywords and accounts, you have yourself a marketing campaign and the Market Manager lets you command and control the entire thing from one place.

Mass Portal Configuration and Link Swarming

This tool allows you to update the configuration settings for all of the Traffic Portals associated with each Veretekk Gold account you control. Each Veretekk system comes with over 40 portals and it continues to grow. To configure all of these portals by hand can be time consuming. With the Market Manager you and can literally complete weeks of configuration work into just few minutes of your time.

Push a button and instantly link all of the Traffic Portals you control in a ring, then configure each to also link to your primary target site (the domain you want to reach top Google positioning). Because each Veretekk Gold account comes with over 40 unique domain and subdomain URLs for various purposes, it also creates the unique opportunity to have a large portfolio of unique domains building your backlink popularity.

Centralized Publishing Control

The Market Manager allows you direct access to post to the VereBlogs and Publish Email to the leads in each of the Veretekk accounts under your control. This is a valuable time saver as the system puts management control into your hands, all from a single interface. Quick and easy access to these functions allows you to streamline your daily work and dramatically increase productivity.

Blogger Drones

Blogger Drones are specially designed websites that mass reproduce and syndicate the content from the VereBlog feed in each of the accounts you control. There’s nothing you have to do, but simply post to your blogs. The sites are designed to enhance your SEO results based on the way they are linked together and the content they include. You will have syndicated content appearing on numerous domains… all helping your SEO results… and all functioning passively without any additional work required.

The system also includes Blogger Drone templates that you can upload to your own website domains to produce an unlimited inventory of simple blog style back links automatically syndicating your VereBlog RSS feeds. When you combine the power of all the Veretekk Portals, Veretekk Blogger Drones, learn how to develop your own domains, creating a literal flotilla of Veretekk Blogs, Veretekk WordPress, Veretekk PHPBB forums, Blogger.com accounts, etc. your marketing power on the Internet will explode!

This tool lets you select a template from your list of Blogger Drone websites, specify the username you want for the RSS feed, and the system will automatically create files that you can download and then upload to any website you manage on our own to display the content there. In this way you can expand the number of Blogger Drone sites you have to an unlimited number of domains of your choosing. By using the files the system creates for you, all of these websites will automatically be driven dynamically by the username/RSS feed you have defined.

Super Blog

Your Market Manager system also comes with a “Super Blog” that you control. The Blogger Drone sites for each of the Veretekk Gold systems under your control will only display the RSS feed associated with that Gold system. Your very own Super Blog site is the place where you get the best of both worlds – targeted keyword-rich content that you control, plus great linking to all of the Blogger Drone sites.

Your Super Blog site allows you to specify which of the Veretekk Gold system RSS feeds you control that you want to have combined and used as a single feed for this blog. Simply check the usernames below that you want to include. The system will automatically combine their RSS feeds into a single feed displayed on your Super Blog site. It will also automatically update the links on your Super Blog to point back to each of the Blogger Drone chains for each username.

Publish Content To Other Blogs As Well

This incredible tool allows you publish an article and have it be immediately posted to blogs OUTSIDE of the Veretekk system as well! Blogger.com, WordPress blogs, etc. Remember, Veretekk is your content publishing command center… Use it to control your systems and publishing everywhere!

Unlimited Content Publishing

This tool allows you to create HTML pages with whatever content you want, assign a file name, and upload it to any of your Traffic Portal domains. This effectively allows you to create and activate an unlimited number of webpages on the Traffic Portals on any Veretekk Gold system you control. By having total control of the file content as well as the file name itself, you can optimize your system to specifically target keywords that are important to you.

The SEO Drill

Each click of the button will publish your small ad and backlink on a website. The SEO drill places your ads into the SEO portals. These backlinks are highly ranked by Google and make an important part of your SEO campaign.

Website URL Management

MyURL is a special tool that allows you to associate long website addresses to a smaller, simpler URL that is easier for people to remember (or just looks nicer when displayed as a link on your other sites). It can also be used with your affiliate websites for different business opportunities you may be involved in. For example, if you have an affiliate website at http://somebusiness.com/frontoffice/members/17627679066 you can set up the system so that instead people can go to http://MyURL.biz/YourUsername and it will send visitors directly to that website.

There are 5 separate domains available for you to create these types of URLs with, and you can add an unlimited number of website addresses to each one. Using the tools below. The system even includes a simple visitor stat counter, which you can refresh at any time.

Traffic Control and Redirection

Website Rotator is a convenient tool that allows you to set up a single URL that will rotate through and display lots of other websites based on however you want to configure it. This powerful feature allows you to promote a website which you can then assign an unlimited number of other websites to rotate and display when people visit it. There are numerous applications such as siphoning traffic from one URL to lots of your other sites. Or if you work with a team or group in your marketing efforts, the entire group can promote a single website and it can be set up to then distribute the traffic to each member’s individual websites.

You can add an unlimited number of URLs to your rotator. There are 3 different rotation types. Circular will simply rotate through each site one by one. Max Daily Visits allows you to weight certain URLs such that they will receive a certain number of visits before the rotation continues. Random will simply distribute traffic to any URL in your list in a random way.

Working in Teams

If you run a home-based business where you work with other people, you can assemble them into teams that are assigned to each of your campaigns. The whole concept behind Teams is to allow you to deligate various marketing responsibilities to other people. For example, posting relavent quality content to the VereBlogs controlled by your Market Manager system.

The members you place in your campaign Teams are able to access special tools through their own Veretekk account that point them to the pending work they are scheduled for. As the owner of the Market Manger system, you are then able to monitor overall progress through your own interface.

Professional Web Hosting
All The Normal Bells And Whistles, Plus Community Support!

As if the value of the Veretekk system wasn’t already enough… considering all the tools for lead generation, integrated marketing, search engine optimization, branding your business, community sharing, etc… Veretekk Gold accounts also come with full blown website hosting for your own domains!

But VereHosting offers some big advantages over other web hosts.

Most of the other hosting companies out there place all kinds of limits on your account. Maybe they limit you to 1 or 2 domains, or restrict how many email addresses you can create, or databases… or else they get you in more subtle ways… like restricting access to deeper development functions like Apache configuration, cron scripts, PHP settings, etc. Or they limit you to a very small amount of bandwidth for monthly traffic. They do all of this in order to advertise a very low price. But in reality (after you spend days working to get your website up and running on their servers), you find yourself having to quickly upgrade and pay a lot more as you start generating much traffic at all.

There is no such “slight of hand” with Veretekk’s hosting service.

We provide you will a full professional hosting account from day one. It includes all the normal bells and whistles offered by other web hosts, but also comes with some big advantages you will not find ANYWHERE else.

  • Host up to 25 of your own domains
  • 50 GB disk space
  • 100 GB monthly bandwidth transfer
  • Create up to 600 of your own subdomains
  • Create up to 50 mySQL databases
  • Use of subdomains on 12 aged domains
  • Create unlimited email addresses
  • cPanel management system
  • Fantastico plugins
  • VerePress secure blogging system
  • phpBB secured forum w/remote posting
  • Live community technical assistance

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Aged Domains

Included with your Veretekk hosting account are 12 aged domains. These domains are as old as 10 years each. Some have good Google page ranks and others have excellent Alexa rankings. What do this mean for you? It means authority power sites that rank very well in the search engines with priceless backlinks. Build a phpBB forum, a VerePress or WordPress blog on them. Make as many as you want with as many subdomains you want. VereHosting will help you jump start your SEO campaigns!

  • ahealthybusiness.org
  • ebasebusiness.com
  • ewav.net
  • iwav.net
  • jobalternative.org
  • marketdepots.com
  • mlmfactory.com
  • netnewstoday.net
  • ontheworldwideweb.net
  • thegoodbusiness.com
  • unitygroup.net
  • youvegotcash.net

Company Support

Veretekk offers direct customer support as well… and through multiple ways in order to make sure we’re always there for our customers! We offer Skype support as well as a Support wall where you can post your questions or problems. Response times are usually very fast.

Veretekk Community Social Network Support

VereHosting is more than just another hosting company. We know that beyond simply finding a secure and reliable company to host with, the biggest issue when hosting is the lack of access to a live helping hand. That’s where the Veretekk professional community comes into play. You are never alone, with the best live customer support found anywhere just a click away.

Think about it… How many hosting companies have you experienced? Did any of them have a huge social network of web developers, marketers, bloggers, etc? The answer is no, because Veretekk is the only company like this. So not only do you get 24/7 support you also have a huge brain trust of trusted members helping each other with their knowledge. It is incredible, really! You will find these groups on your Veretekk Dashboard. Join them and get in with the leading edge of Internet Marketing, here at The Social Network for Home-Based Business… people stick together and lend a helping hand!

Ever try to set up certain plugins with WordPress, but you couldn’t get them to work where you were hosting?
How about setting up a script to run everyday at 2am? Or figuring out how to make the RSS feed from your blog show up on your other websites?

With other hosting solutions, you are on your own!

But with VereHosting it’s different… We hear these kinds of questions all the time. Lots of other people have walked in your shoes… but at Veretekk the social network itself offers you a HUGE knowledge base to get these types of questions answered. It’s frustrating to be on you own, and have to simply submit a “trouble ticket” to your webhost and wait for an answer. And half the time they can’t even help you and then you’re stuck!

This is the reason VereHosting was created.

We feel your pain! And the Veretekk community is filled with people that have already gone through just about anything you can come up with. As a member, you get access to all of that knowledge and experience so your own experience is uncomplicated… You can be comforted by the fact that you have literally hundreds of live people available to help you achieve your goals and dreams at Veretekk… especially with hosting your web sites and domains. You can literally enter a live web conference room and people will SHOW YOU step by step how to solve you problem… incredible! Veretekk offers live hands-on training to teach you how to build web sites, upload files, create subdomains, register domains, choose keywords, build HTML, set up blogs and forums, etc. Everything you always wanted to know but didn’t know where to find it. Right here, live and interactive.


The ability to automatically install WordPress, phpBB Forums, Drupal, etc. has always been very appealing to the general audience of the Internet. That is what Fantastico is famous for. But we at Veretekk take it a bit further. Actually a lot further than anyone else has even imagined. For example, Veretekk gives you a customized (and customizable) backlinking search engine like system called “Hot Links SEO”.

The VerePress System

VerePress is designed to integrate with the content you publish to your VereBlog feed. It is similar to WordPress, Drupal and other feed-based systems in that it is customizable. However, the way it is built and integrates with Veretekk makes it easier to manage and far more secure!

With VerePress you can instantly syndicate your VereBlog content on to hundreds of other websites, including domains that you fully control. Use it with the system provided Aged Domains and watch your SEO results skyrocket!

The phpBB Forum

The classic well known phpBB Forum is the best forum platform available on the Internet. But it had some draw backs, particularly the incessant spambot registrations. Veretekk solved that issue with a special question required to even register (that ended all spam bot issues). We’ve also incorporated auto RSS feed reading ability so you can make your forum or part of your forum a powerful source of content for SEO strategies. The Veretekk phpBB Forum is also social networked optimized and also has RSS feeds throughout the system. This forum was customized by marketers that have been on the Internet for over 15 years… designed to perfectly fit with and compliment your specific marketing campaigns!


Millions of people use WordPress… and so Veretekk is designed to easily integrate into your WordPress system. A number of (safe) templates are made available and included with your installation along with several powerful and recommended plugins.


Veretekk takes security very seriously when it comes to hosting services. We have developed many unique server MODs to prevent hacking and injection phishing sites. The server farm is fully secured including constant 24/7 monitoring to assure you that your websites are in good hands with Veretekk.

Green Energy

Maybe you care… maybe you don’t, but you can feel good knowing that Veretekk’s servers are housed in a completely green and secure facility. The entire Veretekk company is built upon the focus of a very small footprint on this earth. Our data center is 100% off the grid running entirely on wind energy and geothermal heating and cooling.

The bottom line is…

If you take the time to compare… (and you should, after all this is YOUR business we’re talking about here!)

There is no other hosting solution out there that even comes close to Veretekk!

In fact, there’s no other company that even claims to have any of this. All they just focus on their ability to provide you with a technical solution. Which, by the way, is the reason web hosting has become a commodity. And when you’re trying to sell a commodity, the only real motivational factor is price. So… in recent years we’ve all seen web hosting get as cheap as $10/month or less.

Seriously… what do you really expect for that?

But even if you could reliably host your website at that price, it does you no good if they don’t support the features you need… or you need some help getting it all to work. Even if they wanted to, other companies can’t afford to invest that kind of time into helping you for so little money. And no other hosting company has a massive worldwide social network built right into the system!

From The Desk Of The WWW Guy…

Veretekk Web Conferencing

Professional Web Conferencing
Expand The Reach And Impact Of Your Business!

Live web conference rooms have been an integral part of Veretekk for years… primarily because they provide an environment that allows members to come together in a more direct way then could ever be achieved through email, wall postings, etc. Nothing can compare to the live interaction these rooms provide! Streaming VoIP audio makes it sound like the person talking is sitting across the table from you…

Conference rooms are “town squares” within the Veretekk community, and the perfect place for members to learn how to get results out of the system, hear feedback from others on marketing techniques that are working best for them, learn basic skills like HTML or how to set up a YouTube account, or simply just socialize and relax!

Veretekk Gold members get their very own 5 seat conference room to use for any purpose they want. It’s a perfect tool for interacting with your customers, or recruiting others into your business. You can also upgrade the size of your room and hold meetings with as many people as you want to invite!

These rooms are excellent for business presentations, product demonstrations, systems instructions, educational and student classroom environments, customer support, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can use this room to share other presentations that are not available to everyone with your group of invitees. You can plug a telephonic land bridge into your room and have a classic teleconference call with your guests logged into the room.

Your conference room is as versatile as you are… and you can use it for anything you want! As you start becoming familiar with its features, your mind will reel with possibilities…

  • Conduct sales presentations for your prospects.
  • Conduct training and staff meetings in a virtual, real-time environment.
  • Invite your family and friends to show them pictures of your vacation, or relatives who live far away, pictures of your kids.
  • Listen to music with friends… The room allows your visitors to share their comments as well.
  • Be a political hack. Share your political views through your own talk radio and invite guests to join you. Record the broadcasts and load them up to your blogs or load them to your YouTube account.
  • Enhance your auctions. Use the room to help you sell your car, baseball cards, paintball guns, etc. on eBay. Invite your eBay visitors to see live what you have for sale and to ask you questions.
  • Be a tutor, a big brother or sister to a struggling student. Spend an hour a day teaching a subject or mentoring. For teaching math, history, English etc., the room has all the tools needed, for example a white board and lazer pointer, just like a classroom.
  • Host a Bible study. Put a fellowship together on a regular basis for prayer and study. Invite more as you grow helping to strengthen the Word of God.You get the idea…The possibilities are truly endless.How do you get into a room?It’s easy… just click the “Enter Room” button wherever you see the Web Conference Room Login logo. You’ll find it on your Dashboard when you log into Veretekk… but also on your Profile Page and any Group pages you control as well. You can configure whether or not you want to display the login button on those pages to other people.Getting people into your conference room is simple as well… Just send them to your Profile Page, or your Group page and all they have to do is click the button! The system automatically tags visitors as they enter your room, so you’ll know which ones are already Veretekk members… which ones are visitors… and which page the visitor came from! You can also distribute a URL link that will send people directly into your room when they click it.But you can go even further if you have your own websites. Just add the provided HTML code and a login form for your room will show up there as well! There’s even a cool little widget you can embed in your sites for people to click and enter… and it will display who’s in the room in the widget itself! Pretty cool…The list of features available through your web conference room is long and impressive. It is a vital tool that adds credibility and professionalism to your business and brand. There is no better way to make a positive impression on your target audience!
  • Expandable – By default your room allows 5 people to be in it at once, but you can upgrade and expand this to allow 1000 people or more!
  • Excellent Sound quality: Veretekk’s conference rooms have better sound quality than any other web based conference system. See for yourself. Some people even stream music into the room. The sound is as good as it gets and provides a professional polish your presentations. Until you experience a quality conference with Veretekk, you are missing out!
  • Syncronized Browsing: Browse the web and the room will push each web page to your audience so they can follow and see what you’re talking about.
  • Webcam Video: Stream live video through your web camera! You’ll feel like you’re literally sitting across the table from the person talking as you watch them… live!
  • Screen Casting: Allows you to “share” whatever you are doing on your own computer with other people. You can stream anything you want from your desktop right into your conference room. Demonstrate a software application, take people through a series of websites and show them where you are clicking, troubleshoot a problem and demonstrate ‘how to’ information. You can teach, demo and train large audiences.
  • White Board: Each room includes a “white board” feature where you can copy and paste anything you like. Mark it up with colored pens, use highlighters, add annotated notes, draw shapes circles and boxes, open saved graphics to display, save white board presentations for future reference, and open jpg, gif and png files to display on the white board, use unlimited undo functions to restore a previous display, and use a virtual laser pointer. There’s even a screen capture feature that allows you to take a snap shot of a webpage and bring it back to your white board to draw on. No other white board system comes close to the sophistication offered through your conference room.
  • Power Point: Microsoft’s Power Point is a great presentation software building slide-based graphics to enhance your message. You can load your Power Point files right into your web conference room… making excellent presentations a snap! Another tip for building great presentations is use the conference room for building additional snapshots and graphics for your final presentation. You can take snapshots of anything on your computer.
  • Movie Studio: Your conference room allows you to record your entire presentation. It saves it as a Flash video. You can upload this file to your website and anyone can view it from their browser. With a little editing, you can load it up to YouTube or any other online video system. This is a great tool for building training videos, showing product reviews, interviewing experts, and making a video blog. The options are endless!
  • Room Customization: Each room can be customized to your meet your specific needs. Most important you can specify what web site you want as the home page. That home page is the splash page a visitor sees when they enter your room. You can also allow visitors access to the white board or prevent visitors from using the whiteboard tools. You have the option to allow or prevent your visitors from talking or chatting in the room. And if someone is being rude or disruptive (or you just don’t want certain people) in your room, you can remove them and/or ban them permanently. No other web conference technology comes close to the details that have been included in building the Veretekk’s conference rooms.
  • Room Access Codes: A huge benefit of Veretekk’s conference room technology is that you can embed the code to access your conference room right into your own websites, blogs, forums, and social network systems. You can also send a special URL to your guests via email or instant messenger, like Skype. Unlike all the other web conference room technologies out there, Veretekk allows you to look like the provider of the room, not us. Think about how professional that makes your business appear!

Professional Email Marketing
Unrivaled Content Control And Publishing!

One of the core, time-tested features of Veretekk is it’s mass email technology. Blasting out 10,000’s of emails to your high quality leads can be a very powerful thing!

But… it only matters if the mail actually gets delivered!

What does that mean? Well… there are other “bulk email” providers out there, but the majority of their customers are spammers! They use these systems to upload email lists they have purchased somewhere and spew out millions of emails each day to people that have absolutely no interest in receiving it. So you know what happens? Some of those people complain to their ISP… to whatever company hosts the spammer’s domain… and to the anti-spam organizations. And guess what happens next? The IP address of the bulk email provider’s servers get blacklisted.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and email providers (like Gmail) filter the email sent to your email address. And so when it comes from a bulk email service that’s been blacklisted, you don’t even receive it. Or for those providers that don’t filter your email… the software you use to actually get and read your email does include spam filtering and at the very least tags the emails coming from the bulk email provider as {Spam?} or something similar.

How often do you go read the email in your Spam folder? Probably never… and for good reason.

The point is, being able to send out thousands of emails a day doesn’t do you any good unless you know it’s actually going to get through to your prospects. Whether or not they open and read it is another matter (and largely depends on your marketing approach). But if they never even see it, even the most perfect marketing email will get a 0% return.

Veretekk’s mail servers deliver the mail!

How do we know? Because we’ve invested millions of dollars into our servers and technology over the past 15+ years, with mail deliverability at the very top of the priority list. If the mail doesn’t get delivered, we go out of business. So we make sure it works… and works every time.

How we do that is a bit of trade secret. Everything we do is totally legitimate and always legal, but over the years we’ve found that it’s not enough to simply follow the accepted rules and standards that all of the major blacklist organizations require. As a bulk email provider you will still get blacklisted eventually. So Veretekk has developed an extremely sophisticated mailing system… it follows all the rules, but is flexible and quick to adjust in order to ensure the IP addresses used by our servers never get blocked. Other email marketing providers don’t talk about this stuff… which is a good indication they don’t want you looking into it because most of the mail coming from their servers never gets delivered!

The Publish Email tool in your Veretekk system allows you to:

Email your leads – sorted by category (Traffic Portal), you can blast your message to 10,000’s of people instantly.

Post to social accounts – simultaneously command and control your content publishing into countless systems like Facebook… all from one place!

Intuitive HTML Editor – make developing visually appealing emails easy!

Spam Assassin – diagnostic tools to evaluate your email content before you send it and increase deliverability past local spam filters.

Email Archive – permanently stores the emails you send on their very own unique URL, which is then available to send other traffic to and includes social integration buttons for getting your email message republished again and again through other social systems!

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Simply put… there is no service online today that does a better job of helping you get your marketing message in front of your prospects! Email marketing is a long standing pillar at Veretekk. Try it yourself and see the difference!

Veretekk Autoresponder Emails

The Essence Of Automated Marketing…
Lead Cultivation That Works!

Yesterday we addressed the importance of calling your leads. It’s worth restating that this is an absolutely critical step in building your home-based business. And, you should try to call your leads as quickly as you get them. (You make a big impact on people if you’re able to call them just moments after they signed up into one of your Traffic Portals.)

However, given that this initial phone call is usually not the time or place to start talking about your business, how and when do you start doing it???

Say hello to the Sequential Mailer!

The Sequential Mailer is a powerful tool that you can use to expose your prospects to your marketing message in a very effective way. Let’s say your business didn’t come up at all in that initial conversation with your prospect. The whole discussion was focused on them, asking questions and listening to what they have to say (good job!) At the end of the call, as you thank them for visiting your Traffic Portal… are telling them to feel free to contact you anytime if they have questions… etc… you can also mention that you’re going to send them a series of emails explaining a little more about what you do… and ask if it would be okay to follow up with them at some point in the future? (9 times out of 10 they will say “sure, no problem”.) You then activate your Sequential Mailer and it will send them emails over time, slowing exposing them to more and more details of your business.

Because they know you… they are very likely to actually read the email!

This is critical… It’s what sets you apart from all the spammers out there. Remember, it’s all about relationships! Most prospects are so blown away by the fact a real live person just called them on the phone after signing up for something that they will not easily forget it… And so if you tell them to watch out for some emails you’re going to send them, they probably will. And because they have actually spoken to you… the seeds of trust are already there… most will be curious and will take a look at your emails. Over time, “curiosity” very often gives way to “interest”… at which point you have a new customer ready and waiting for your next follow up phone call.

So how does the Sequential Mailer work?

It’s pretty simple, actually… and extremely easy and intuitive to use. You can create mail sets as big or small as you want. You can configure the emails to go out using any interval you want… 1 per day for 7 days… 1 per week for 4 weeks… or staggered at any custom interval that make sense for your marketing campaign.

Formatting your emails is a breeze. The system includes an easy-to-use HTML editor. No coding knowledge required. You can format your email to look however you want… text formatting, images, hyperlinks, you name it.

More challenging, however, is the substance of what you write… There is an art to good copywriting as well as developing a good sequential mail set. Just like your initial phone call, you don’t want to come right out and try to hard sell your prospect on your product or service. Even if you have a fantastic product that they will definitely want, that kind of direct approach repels people. If you spoon feed them the information instead, and provide REAL VALUE through the information contained in each email… then will read them, appreciate that value, and become more and more open to actually buying your product.

Just think about the email you’re reading right now… This is part of a Sequential Mail set! Have you noticed that we haven’t tried to hard sell you on anything? Each email is much more than a shameless sales pitch. Each provides information that is of true value to any home-based business… regardless of whether you even take a second look at Veretekk. But the fact you’re reading this sentence right now proves the point. You are getting something out of these emails. You are learning something, or else they’re causing you to remember ideas you haven’t used in a long time. Veretekk sells a service, Veretekk Gold. And so obviously the company is interested in earning your business. But we know that only happens by establishing TRUST. And the best way to do it is to give you real value. If you haven’t already upgraded to Veretekk Gold (and no, this isn’t the “hard close”!), be objective for a minute and ask yourself: even if you’re not interested in doing so today, wouldn’t you agree that you’re more open to it then you were 7 emails ago? And that’s really the whole point… Done right…

Your Sequential Emails will move your prospects from “curious” to “interested”.

This is the “Automated” part in Automated Online Marketing. It’s the mechanism by which a prospect can sign up into your Traffic Portal in order to get a free service that has nothing to do with your business… but then over a period of days and weeks… actually become very interested in your product or service. It can never replace the critical step of actually calling your leads. But, is a powerful tool for cultivating your leads… Rather than having to do that entirely on the phone (this is what telemarketing is all about), your Sequential Mailer takes over after that initial call and continues working for you “automatically”. So when you make you next follow up call (yes… you have to call them again), your prospects are invariably more aware (if not outright interested) in what you are actually trying to sell.

This really works.

15+ years in business… millions of system users… IT WORKS. Every time… without exception.

Don’t like it? Don’t want to have to call anyone? Does it sounds too uncomfortable to you? If so… DO THE UNCOMFORTABLE THING HERE and stick with this. Remember, creating a successful home-based business isn’t easy. It’s going to require some serious determination from you. And it’s going to require some discipline… And yes, there will be moments that are uncomfortable.

But isn’t it worth it?

Stay focused on your “why”… Why do you want financial independence? Why do you want the freedom to do whatever you want with your time? If it was easy… everyone would do it. But they don’t. Most will go through their lives working a dead end job, struggling to pay the bills. And that’s pretty uncomfortable too, right? So as long as you’re going to have to be uncomfortable one way or another, you may as well focus your energy in a direction that will permanently and forever change your life for the better.

It’s just a phone call after all…

Did you know that a full 3 out of 4 businesses in the USA are in
fact a home based business? And for good reason… People are
tired of the rat race… tired of dedicating 30-40 of their best years
towards building someone else’s dream! Tried of not being there
to watch their kids grow up. Over 20 million people in the US alone
have discovered a better way. What’s holding you up???

Veretekk Lead Management

The Day To Day Operation Of Your Gold Mine…
Make Sure You Show Up To Work!

So you’ve generated some leads? Now what?

Call them on the phone!!!

Don’t ever forget that successful home-based businesses are all about relationships. There is NO SUCH THING as 100% “automated marketing” where you never have to even talk to anyone to grow your business. That is not reality and that is not real business… Call your leads and your business will grow, period. If you don’t call your leads, then you have wasted all of the time, money, and effort you’ve spent up to that point to develop them!

“But wait… lots of my leads live in other countries. It’s too expensive to call using my phone.”

Really? You want to achieve financial independence but you can’t figure out a way to call your customers??? If you’re not willing to reconsider your position, please just quit right now. Go back to your job and accept the fact that it’s the only way you are going to make money. Seriously.

Figure out a way… There are calling cards, online VoIP phone systems, Skype… whatever! It does not cost much to call people abroad anymore. Just because you’re not doing it now doesn’t mean you can’t. And yes, you CAN afford it so stop using that as an excuse. In reality, most people are just uncomfortable calling people on the phone. Be honest with yourself… Is that the real reason? If so, it’s okay. We understand… and you’re part of a community now where most of the other people feel just like you about it. It was uncomfortable when they first started calling their leads too. But they wanted success bad enough to get outside of their personal comfort zone and make the calls… And you know what? It works… It’s funny how you start to get much more comfortable doing something when you start seeing the money come in!

What should you say when you call?

There are live web conferences, workshops, and meetings happening all the time in the Veretekk community to talk about exactly that. Start attending them and get engaged!

But one general principle is that you should NOT call a lead and simply start pitching them on your product, service, or business. THINK. Who are these people that you’re calling? What have they indicated an interest in? When you call a Traffic Portal lead, you’re calling someone that has signed up to receive a free service of some kind. The best methods are typically ones where you start with more of a customer service approach… calling to see if they had any trouble receiving what they signed up for, seeing if they have any questions, etc. Then focus on the prospect by asking lots of questions, rather than forcing them to listen to you about your business.

“How did you come to find my website?”
“What about the free service got your interest?”
“Do you have a home-business you’re trying to promote?”
“How’s that been going for you?”

People don’t care what you know, till they know how much you care.

Just listen to what they have to say. If you’re selling a product or service, you may not even mention it on that first phone call. But by listening to what the person has to say and answering their questions as best you can… you are establishing a relationship built on trust. Over time through future follow up calls, they will inevitably ask you about your own business, at which point you can pitch your product/service and they will actually listen!

If you’re a recruiter, the approach is the same. Remember, over 90% of the people you call that have a home-based business themselves are NOT MAKING ANY MONEY. Sad, but true… If you start pitching them on your business right off the bat, most will not respond positively. But if you take the approach mentioned above, chances are they will open right up and tell you about their business… confess that they haven’t made any money yet… and become curious about what you’re doing and the system you use that actually works and makes you money. Half of those people may join your business on the spot!

Want to know more about the most effective phone call techniques?

You’re in the right place. Get engaged in Veretekk and share ideas, results, feedback, and all kinds of information with other members whose home-based businesses are already succeeding!

But beyond the phone call itself, you need a comprehensive system for dealing with all of that lead information and managing the follow up process. This is where the Lead Management system comes into play:

  • Lead data – manage your prospects’ contact information.
  • Phone call notes – keep track of your discussions and next steps.
  • Reminders – schedule follow up calls and other tasks.
  • Sequential Email – send out a series of targeted emails.
  • Post Office – create customizable PDFs for online use.
  • Direct Email – directly communicate with each prospect.

Veretekk helps you stay organized and right on top of your daily work schedule. As your business grows, you have the tools right at your fingertips to manage it!

Veretekk Lead Generation

Traffic Portals Produce High Quality Leads!
They Welcome Your Call… With NO Rejection!

Back in the mid to late 1990’s the common approach for online lead generation was simply to buy an email list and spam it to death with unsolicited email selling your product or service. And you know what? It worked.

Back then people were just starting to experience junk email for the first time. Email software did not yet contain spam filters, and so if you spammed enough people your message would actually get through to some of them.

Veretekk has always detested spamming.

We hate it!!!

Over the past 15+ years, literally thousands and thousands of man hours have been invested by Veretekk to develop systems that are 100% spam free, yet generate HIGHER QUALITY LEADS then you can “buy” anywhere.

It all started way back then when Veretekk recognized that not only was spamming totally unethical, it was also unsustainable. It was easy to predict that over time email software would be enhanced to filter out spam emails and so a more reliable long term solution was needed for generating quality leads.

Thus the “Traffic Portal” was born.

The genius behind the Traffic Portal concept is that they offer people very real and unique quality services for free. For example: free web conference rooms, free advertising submission services, free leads, free software downloads, etc. And there is no catch. They find your Traffic Portal, submit their personal information in order to access the free service, they receive what they signed up for, and you collect their data as a lead in your Veretekk system.

It’s pretty simple… but even more powerful then it appears.

Business has always been all about “relationships”. People buy things from other people or companies they know.

Traffic Portals don’t just produce leads… they initiate relationships!

When someone signs up into one of your Traffic Portals, they are focused on obtaining the free service it offers. But at the same time they are exposed a little bit to your own personal brand. Your portal pages themselves reflect your brand (displaying your logo/photo, VereBlog feed, custom links, etc.) And once you capture the lead data, you can use the other system tools such as Email Publishing and Sequential Mailer so slowly expose your new lead to more and more of your brand. This is best achieved by telling them about your other Traffic Portals as they contain other services the prospect may be interested in. As you do this… always focusing on the needs and interest of your prospect, rather then jumping directly to your own sales pitch… the prospect becomes familiar with you, which starts to establish TRUST.

Imagine that… prospects that are already familiar with you before you pick up the phone and call them!

That is exactly what Traffic Portals produce.

Compare this approach to going out there and “buying” leads somewhere. First of all, these people don’t know you. When you start emailing them, why are they going to even pay any attention? If you call them, they hang up on you! It’s not rocket science to understand why… their personal information is on a list that is being sold to hundreds or even thousands of other people just like you. So what are the chances you can even get your message in front of them? What do you do yourself when you get spam email or a telemarketer calls?

Traffic Portal leads are 100% totally unique to you. NO ONE ELSE HAS THAT SAME LEAD. They are not being shared with other Veretekk members. Their data is NEVER sold or shared with any other third party. When someone signs up into one of your Traffic Portals, that lead is yours and yours alone! So guess what… they are not being inundated with calls and emails from other people. They are a real person just like you!

This makes Traffic Portal leads very approachable.

So where do you find your Traffic Portals? And how do you get people to start signing up into them? First of all, login to your Veretekk system and click on the Portals tab at the top of the screen. Become familiar with this area. It contains a list of all of your Traffic Portals as well as the Portal Control Panel for each. There are a lot of powerful features build into the system that give you power and control over managing and configuring each of your portals:

  • Configuration – customize the title, meta keywords and description, and even some displayed text on each portal.
  • Linking – configure the hyperlinks on each portal.
  • Drill – create a chain of backlinks for SEO results.
  • VereTracking – evaluate traffic analytics to know which promotional campaigns are working.
  • Flash Videos – available to assist your promotional efforts.
  • PDF Ad Flyers – print them and drive offline traffic to your portals as well.
  • Remote Submission – some portals offer URLs for remote submission.
  • Form Code – place it on your own websites and people can subscribe to your portals from there.
  • Banner Code – available to assist your portal advertising.
  • RSS Feed – integrate your VereBlog (or any other RSS feed) into your portal.

Traffic Portals take some time and effort to get working… but it’s well worth the effort! Once they start producing, you can have a never ending stream of high quality prospects to market to. In fact, many times it’s more leads than you can keep up with! For that reason there’s another function known as “The Hose”, which allows you to divert all of the leads coming in from a particular account to another Veretekk member. This is great for building teams or working with other people as part of your business.

You can even create your own Traffic Portals!

If you have your own website, and have something of true value that you can give away, you can generate leads using this same proven formula… And Veretekk gives you the tools to do it. The system includes HTML Form Code that you can put on your own website to capture lead data yourself. When a prospect signs up, they become a lead in your system, categorized into whatever Lead Group you have defined to store them in, so that all of the other system marketing tools are then available for use with that lead as well.

Quality lead generation is a critical component for any business. Veretekk places the tools you need in your hands to get the job done.

The next step is cultivating the lead… from curious… to interested… to ready to buy! For that you need additional tools… more on that to follow…

Did you know that a full 3 out of 4 businesses in the USA are in
fact a home based business? And for good reason… People are
tired of the rat race… tired of dedicating 30-40 of their best years
towards building someone else’s dream! Tried of not being there
to watch their kids grow up. Over 20 million people in the US alone
have discovered a better way. What’s holding you up???

The VereBlog Difference

Tell The World Your Story!
Why Blogging Is An Essential Part Of Marketing Your Business…

Most people simply don’t understand blogging. Or else they are so overwhelmed and confused by the millions of bloggers out there that they don’t have a clear idea about what the purpose of blogging is all about.

People blog for all kinds of reasons. Many of those people aren’t doing it for a professional reason at all… it’s just a hobby to them. They like posting random information and opinion to the world just for the sake of doing it (who has the time for that?)

Other people blog for business related reasons. They are trying to appear relevant in their respective industries. They are trying to show that they are up to speed on current events, and in doing so provide useful information and insight to people following the blog. And for that reason, people do actually follow and read their blog. This is a worthwhile reason to maintain an active blog, because it expands your client base and is one of the few ways you can directly communicate with customers.

Blogging is also one of the best ways to promote and reinforce your brand. There are really no rules… You can include a “tip for the day” in every post you make as part of your signature that’s designed to appeal to your audience. The content of your posts can focus totally on factual information… or… your blog can be nothing but personal opinion and insight. You can include a lot of fancy images and custom designed logos… or have it be mostly just text. Write lots of long paragraphs, or format it to be short little snippets of information. The look and feel and content of your blog is totally up to you…

But above all your blog needs to be readable.

Whatever your style… you want people to actually read what you write! The best way to do this is to provide something interesting or of value to the reader, that captures their attention and causes them to start following your blog. Make each post a QUALITY post. Don’t just blab on and on about meaningless topics. If you actually speak to your audience directly, about topics they care about… they will actually read it!

Many so called “SEO Experts” use blogs purely to try and increase search engine rankings. They write copy that’s specifically designed for search engine spiders to read… heavy with keywords, backlinks to other websites, etc. These tactics worked in the past, but are less and less effective today. The search engines are smart. In fact, they hire people to actually spot check millions of websites to confirm they are legit and not just SEO pages attempting to increase search engine rankings. (If you get caught doing this, your page is flagged and you are doomed!)

But there is no question that your VereBlog can play a powerful role in your SEO efforts. In reality…

Your VereBlog is the heart of your system.

More then anything else, it has the power to solidify your brand, expand your influence, and attract follows and new customers. Just remember this doesn’t happen overnight… you have to work at it! After all, when you first begin your blog doesn’t have ANY content. Even after you post a few times to it, it still doesn’t offer much value to other people. But with consistent, quality posting over time, people will be attracted to it and it will produce results for your business.

But beyond branding… and directly acquiring customers… your VereBlog does have a powerful SEO effect.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about quality content. There are no shortcuts. People that pursue “black hat” tips and tricks for manipulating the search engines are just wasting their time. In most cases they will simply get your website banned and blacklisted from the search engines. Even if you manage to find a tactic that works temporarily, it never lasts… Search engines are constantly upgrading their algorithms to weed out these websites. The only thing worth your time are “white hat” techniques… which are the very things the search engines themselves suggest you do in order to obtain higher rankings.

There are no SEO shortcuts!

Accept it. Deal with it. Now move on…

The good news is that there is a clearly defined set of steps that will work to increase your website’s search engine ranking. So if you’re willing to actually commit to the process… and stick with it… you will in fact reach your goal.

Veretekk includes a powerful range of blogging related tools, and of course, your very own VereBlog (which is designed with specific features to enhance your SEO efforts). Many of these tools are in fact NOT unique to Veretekk! There are many other websites and services out there that you can go to in order to collect all of the different pieces Veretekk provides you. The big difference is that…

Veretekk provides you EVERYTHING you need, all under one roof!

This is extremely important because “time is money”. You can walk from Berlin to Moscow for “free”, but the amount of time it takes ends up costing you so much that you would have been better off paying to take the bus, or fly, or whatever.

Veretekk has developed and bundled ALL of the critical blogging tools you need to be successful. Let’s start with your VereBlog itself, which appears on your Profile Page. If you look at the source code of that page you’ll see that it is packed full of relevant content, that changes dynamically each day. Search engines love this… so long as the content you’re publishing is in fact readable, relevant, etc.

But the entire system is also designed for easy syndication on your other websites as well. You can take the XML feed from your VereBlog and insert it into ANY website you own on ANY domain and have your blog show up there as well.

Even the VereWalls displayed throughout the system include their own RSS feeds… use them on your other websites and they will generate fast changing dynamic content as well.

There is even a PHP plugin called VerePress that you can use to literally syndicate your entire VereBlog including various widgets and control of other content such as text, video, links, etc. All you do is configure a single file and upload it to your own web server and the entire system will instantly appear on your own domains.

This level of syndication is extremely powerful for SEO.

And the techniques are all completely “white hat” and supported by the search engines. You are not spamming… and you are not writing copy purely for search engine spiders. What you are doing is in fact “mass syndication” of your quality content. Using these tools you can command and control the content on literally 100s of separate websites and domains, all of which can have a very powerful effect on your SEO results.

Speaking of mass broadcasting… when you post to your VereBlog you can also configure the system to simultaneously post to your Facebook and other social systems as well! This is an important step as it further distributes the reach and exposure of your message. Rather then having to take the time to go post it yourself in each system, Veretekk does it for you… a powerful time saver!

Expand Your Brand Through Veretekk Groups

You And Your Brand…
Are They One And The Same?

They don’t have to be…

If your business is ultimately about selling yourself to other people, then you “are your brand”. This applies if you’re a life coach, personal trainer, counselor, etc. (and maybe you are?) But in the majority of cases your business isn’t focused on selling yourself personally. Instead you’re promoting a product, service, etc. So your brand can be something separate from yourself…

Or think of it another way… Maybe you’re involved in 2 totally separate businesses. How do you promote both of them on your Profile Page at Veretekk?

You don’t!

That’s where Veretekk Groups come in… A Group is its own entity in Veretekk, kind of like a business is its own legal entity that’s separate from you as a person. You can create one or more Groups in Veretekk and use them for a wide variety of purposes.

You can create a Group for pretty much anything under the sun. It can be the main, public face for your business and brand… Or simply a place where you get together with other people that have common interests. You can invite 1000s of people to become a member of your Group… Or use it for a purpose where you don’t want a single additional member.

Groups are flexible… powerful… and effective marketing tools!

Each Group you create has its very own Group Profile Page. The website URL is designed with SEO in mind… as it contains the name of your Group right in the address of the page. And just like your own Profile Page, you have full control over the page title, meta tags, keywords, etc. as well.

Group pages include their own VereWalls as well, where your member (or customers, friends, etc.) can post their thoughts and information. You have total control over who is allowed to post. And since it’s your Group, you make the rules about what you want people posting.

You also control the links displayed in the Link Box on your group page. So you can make other websites, documents, etc. readily accessible to visitors.

But one of the most important features is the integrated web conference room (only activated for Veretekk Gold members!) This is a live VoIP web conference system that you can use to directly interact with people… hold meetings, conduct seminars, provide demonstrations, give presentations… or just hang out and chat with people! Your conference room is a powerful marketing tool (more on that in a few days…) But more then anything else…

Groups help you expand your online presence and sphere of influence.

It’s human nature… people generally consider businesses to be more credible than a individual people. Likewise, forming a Group for your brand can increase your professionalism as well.

For example, if your business focuses on selling weight loss pills, creating a Group on a related topic can help establish you as an authority on the subject. Your first inclination might be to create a group called “Losing Weight” or similar, where you’re trying to directly target the customer you’re after. But that’s typically not the best way to get results. After all, less than 1% of people that are sincerely interested in losing weight will click a banner advertising saying “Click here to lose weight!” Why? …They don’t believe it. It just looks like hype… and we’re all so desensitized from that kind of marketing that it usually repels more of your true prospects than it catches.

Instead, people are drawn to information, organizations, and causes that are more subtle then that, yet still focus on the topics that are important to them. Someone that’s looking into weight loss options is more likely to be drawn into your Group if it presents itself in a more legitimate way. You could further reinforce the credibility and professionalism of your brand by leading a Group with a slightly broader scope… e.g. maybe something like “Fitness Matters”. All kinds of other people (and other businesses!) would be drawn to this topic… Not just your target prospects, but other professionals… maybe people running businesses for exercise programs, healthy cooking, nutritional supplements, low calorie menu ideas, etc. All of these topics would apply to your target prospect… not just your weight loss pills.

Bringing it all together through a professional Group can attract more customers then the sum of the prospects each company would generate on its own through separate groups.

This goes to the essence of symbiotic marketing. Working in parallel with related businesses can increase the results for everyone. Veretekk is built to include a wide range of powerful marketing tools for cross promoting brands as well. Your weight loss pill customers still need to eat, right? So why not work in parallel to another business that sells healthy diet plans? As you cross promote each other, the credibility of both businesses increases along with the customers!

The truth is… Groups can be used for just about anything. They don’t even need to be professional in nature.

Want to just blow off some steam? Create a group to do so… and chances are you’ll find other people wanting to join and do the same thing.

Feel strongly about politics? Religion? World events? These things may have absolutely nothing to do with your business, but there’s nothing stopping you from joining Groups that focus on these topics or starting your own. You see, it’s not just about the topic itself… As you interact professionally (or not!) with other people, you make a name for yourself. And all of this can be part of your brand. That’s the great thing about business on the Internet… It doesn’t have to be so serious all the time! You’re allowed to relax and share your views about anything you feel like!

Defining Your Brand With Veretekk

What’s Your Brand?
And How Do You Promote It?

One of the most effective tactics in marketing is establishing a memorable “brand” for your home-based business. Branding is what sets you apart from the masses. It’s the message, impression, and feeling that people think of when they encounter you and your business. It makes your business look professional and credible. Branding is not something that happens overnight. It takes time to develop… but is well worth the effort.

When people think about corporate branding, most think of big brand names like McDonalds or Coca-Cola. But branding is important for small and home-based businesses as well. For example, if you’re a distributor for a certain product or service… and there are other distributors out there for the same product… branding gives your business a competitive edge.

So how do you develop a brand?

You want to choose something that applies to the business, product, and/or services you’re promoting. But more then that, you’re looking to find your own special niche in your particular market. For example, if you’re in the nutrition market… maybe your brand is the “Happy Carrot”? Don’t laugh… it may sound corny, but chances are you’ll remember Happy Carrot Nutritionals for days after reading this email!

Often times the best branding for a home-based business ties into something personal you enjoy as well. Sticking with the same nutritional market theme… let’s say you’re also an avid fly fisherman (or woman!) The two things have nothing to do with one another, right? So what… combining your passions in your business brand can make for some very memorable combinations, which is exactly the point when it comes to marketing. So in this example, maybe your brand would be “The Healthy Angler” or something along those lines.

The name of your brand is very often the name of your small business itself. But it doesn’t have to be… It can simply be the name of your brand, and that’s it. Your brand is a theme… it’s an idea and feeling conveyed to people about your business. Naturally since a picture say a thousand words, having a good logo, or photo, etc. that supports and reinforces your brand is very important. Can’t you see that Happy Carrot logo right now?

Your Veretekk Profile Page
Introduce Yourself To The World!

Your Profile Page is the place you send people to interact with you and learn about your business. It’s your home page for the public to interact with you. It includes some key features for that purpose:

  • VereWall – as with any good social network, there’s an activity stream or “wall” built right into your site. You control who’s allowed to post to it, but it’s a great way to reflect current activity and interact with others in the Veretekk community.
  • Your VereBlog – your blog is the heart of your Profile Page, allowing you to publish content for other to see. It is specifically designed to enhance your SEO efforts as well.
  • Videos – people like to watch videos even more then read these days… So you have the ability to display any videos you want that help promote your brand and business.
  • Credentials – as you establish a larger and larger presence online through other websites and systems, this area lets you brag and display your marketing assets proudly for others to see.

One of the main objectives when marketing your business is to always be building and expanding your “sphere of influence”. What does that mean? Well… as your brand becomes more and more well known, you have the ability to make an increasingly larger impact on your market. One of the ways this occurs internally at Veretekk is through the concept of “Friends”.

There are all kinds of reasons to establish “Friends” in the Veretekk social network. Many of the tools and groups within the community can be used “symbiotically” as well… Meaning, groups of people can use them together to help cross promote each other’s brand and business… even though each is in a totally separate market.

Friends might also mean a “team” of people working a business together. There are many features built into the system to support this as well.

And finally, Friends may also turn out to be customers! After all, the more Friends you have, the larger your sphere of influence becomes.

Your Profile Page is packed full of powerful widgets and customizable system components, all designed to help you both establish your brand and promote it effectively. But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

The rest of the Veretekk system is overflowing with powerful marketing tools to actually reach out and broadcast your message to the world!

For example, blogging integrated with your other social network accounts… Email publishing to premium leads and archived email content for SEO… Not to mention further exploding your business and brand through Veretekk Groups (more on that tomorrow…)

From The Desk Of The WWW Guy…

The Veretekk 2.0 Revolution

Brief History And Background
Over 15 Years In The Making!

The roots of Veretekk go deep… all the way back to 1996. Before most people had even started using the Internet for much, Veretekk had a vision for developing a comprehensive set of online marketing tools that would empower the “little guy” to run a successful online business, provide for your family, be totally self-sufficient, and ultimately live a better quality life than all those “9 to 5’ers” dragging themselves to and from a job each day… helping some fat cat grow HIS business and future, not yours!

Going all the way back to those early years, there have been “3 legs to the stool” with the Veretekk system that have not changed at all…

1) Lead Generation – leads are the lifeblood of every business. Regardless of what you sell, you need people to buy it. You can “buy” lead lists, but historically the effectiveness and return is very weak. The reason for this is simple. You don’t like receiving spam in your inbox any more then the next guy… So Veretekk pioneered a totally new concept and approach – Traffic Portals, designed to provide people with various services of real value, in exchange for their permission to receive email from you. By providing them something they want and need, the system initiates a positive relationship between you and your prospect. Their is NO rejection with leads you generate through Veretekk. When you call them, they are receptive to hearing for you… try that with a lead list you bought somewhere!

2) Automated Marketing – quality lead generation works so well at Veretekk that dealing with all of your leads becomes the next challenge. Veretekk pioneered the term Automated Online Marketing in its early years… which has frankly been ripped of and redefined to mean a lot of things it was never intended to be. There is no such thing as 100% totally automated marketing (or “push button marketing”) where all you have to do is set things up and then never lift a finger again. Rubbish! Building a successful home-based business is hard work. Automated Marketing (in the way Veretekk coined the term) is the process whereby the system automates certain steps in the process of lead cultivation… taking a low quality initial lead and converting it into a high quality prospect for you to call. It does not replace the rest of the hard work you do in growing your business. But it is a HUGE time saver that increases your productivity and results exponentially!

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – reaching out to prospects is just half the equation. The other piece to the puzzle is being the one they find when they go looking for something themselves. With assets on over 1000 separate domains, Veretekk offers an extremely powerful set of SEO tools, allowing you to achieve top rankings in the search engines for the keywords that best suit your business. Aged domains, robust backlinking tools, easily syndicated RSS feeds, and much more are all contained in the Veretekk arsenal to help you dominate the search engines.

After over 15 years in business, the results speak for themselves.

Veretekk has attracted over 20 million system users in 163 countries across the globe.

People use Veretekk because it works.

But for the past 2-3 years Veretekk has been deep in development once again. While all of the core system components are as powerful and effective as ever, the Internet is constantly evolving… creating opportunities for new and additional tools to meet the demands of an ever changing market. The biggest change in recent years has been the arrival of “social networking” sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. To the average consumer, these systems may be “cool” or “fun”, but to the seasoned marketing professional they represent a virtual gold mine of potential… if you have the right tools to tap into it!

The Social Network For Home-Based Business
Social Broadcasting, Content Publishing, and Market Control

Beyond the 3 legs of the stool explained above, a 4th leg emerged about 10 years ago. The power of Veretekk’s marketing tools had attracted so many customers that the customer base itself started to become a real asset and selling point for the system. Back then the system was “only” a set of tools, but so many people were getting great results that it created a lot of online chatter… Discussions about how to use Veretekk effectively starting popping up in online forums, bulletin boards, chat rooms, etc. all over the place. New members sought out the expertise of existing members to help them learn how to set up their system, effectively use the tools, etc.

A grass roots Veretekk community emerged and started helping new members!

The phenomenon did not go unnoticed by the company, and so Veretekk started to evolve in ways that would further encourage and support this kind of “people helping people” approach. There were 2 main components that were phased in:

  • Web Conferencing – instead of leaving people to browse the web looking for help, live VoIP web conference rooms were added to Veretekk. These rooms quickly became the “market square” that allowed members to directly interact with each other from all over the world.
  • VereTrainers – while members are free to learn and exchange ideas with any other member, a program was started to accredit official “VereTrainers” that conduct online training sessions, marketing workshops, business seminars, etc. and could speak more directly to specific questions for using the system.

This “person to person” (or “social”) aspect of Veretekk took off like wildfire. Membership exploded as the power of the system became more accessible than ever to new members. People could talk to a real person to get all of their questions answered. Members openly share their “secrets” for the steps to take to be successful.

All of this happened before Facebook even existed… But as Facebook and scores of other social networks were launched, the opportunities for online business evolved again. Veretekk saw the trend coming, and engaged in several years of detailed research and development before finally launching Veretekk 2.0 (a.k.a. “V2”).

So what is V2?

V2 leverages the 4th leg of the Veretekk stool explained above. It expands on the “members helping members” concept by evolving Veretekk into its own social network. But this is no average social network… it is designed specifically for people with (or starting) a home-based business… for work at home Moms, for professional marketing gurus, as well as newbies taking their first step to achieve the freedom and independence that owning your own business can provide. Simply put…

4) Veretekk is “The Social Network for Home-Based Business”

Its success has been a long time in the making. V2 contains all of the traditional features people have come to expect from social network systems (making friends, posting to walls, activity feeds, posting videos, events, etc.), but everything is deliberately designed to meet the needs of online marketers, home-based business, etc. It’s not just a place to “have fun”, but a sophisticated system that allows you to easily brand and promote your home business and get SERIOUS RESULTS.

Even the marketing tools themselves that make up Veretekk have been expanded to cash in on the social networking phenomenon. Veretekk is a broadcasting platform. It is your command center for publishing content to grow your home-based business. With the click of a button your content is not only posted to your web pages within the system, but to your other social systems as well (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) The ability to command this level of control over your content publishing is simply not available anywhere else!

So where do you start???

Ultimately the answer depends on your own specific goals. This post is just been a high level view and understanding of what Veretekk is all about. Register your own FREE Veretekk account today! Then start engaging in discussions on the VereWalls… check out the video archive on a range of topics… watch the calendar and attend the various online conferences, workshops, trainings, and seminars – they are there to help answer all of your questions!

Veretekk Understands Home-Based Business

It’s All About Freedom!
Take Control Over Your Life…

Everyone has their own reasons why they want to create a stable, profitable, and secure home-based business. Personal motivations range from being frustrated with not being able to make more money at your current job… wanting to spend more time with your family… or simply wanting to be in control of your own life instead of other people always telling you what to do, where to be, etc. In the end though, there’s a common theme that all pursuers of home-based business share…

You want freedom!

We understand.
You only get to live life once.
Do you really want to spend 40+ of those years grinding out each day working for someone else?

Job Security

Are you kidding? Job security is a joke these days… the only real security there is, is that which you create for yourself! You can be doing the best job in the world for your current employer and still get laid off at anytime, simply because the company is forced to tighten its belt. “We’re really sorry! You’ve always done a great job for us… good luck!” (Won’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy while you wait in the unemployment line???)

Here’s the thing… if you’re not willing to work hard, you and your family are destined to struggle your entire life. You’ll go from job to job, doing as much as you have to, not to get fired… barely make enough to pay the bills… and never have extra money to treat yourself and family to the things you want.

But if you are willing to work hard, you can work your way up at a company… and earn more and more money as you do so. But why invest all that time and hard work when there’s absolutely no long term security? The rug can be pulled out from under you at any time… for reasons wouldn’t even occur to you right now!

Creating An Asset You Own

Even if you’re “lucky” enough to be one of the few people that maintains a job with the same company your whole career, what exactly will you have earned as your reward when you retire? A gold watch? (do they even do that anymore?) Maybe an average sized retirement account you managed to save? …hopefully enough to last you through retirement? Pretty weak stuff for your 40+ years of long hours and hard work…

If you’re going to work hard in life, how does working really hard for someone else make any sense? Don’t you want your hard work to go towards building something… a tangible asset that YOU own… that will continue to pay you after you stop working… and that you can pass on to your kids?

After all, isn’t that what the guy you’re working for is doing!

That’s why you’re not alone… There are LOTS of other people that think just like you. Entrepreneurs, rebellious teenagers, work at home Moms, retirees in need to extra income… you name it! People are sick and tired of the idea of spending their lives building someone else’s business, when you could be building your own! Spend 40+ years living paycheck to paycheck creating financial security for some fat cat business owner so that he can leave the business you helped build to his own kids???

It hasn’t always been this way…

Well… people have always hated their jobs… but the OPPORTUNITY to do something about it has changed! There are more (legitimate) home-based business opportunities today then at any time in history. Whatever your interests, there is most likely a solid, credible company out there with a proven track record, quality product, and lucrative compensation plan that you can use to establish your very own home-based business.

But beyond the number of credible business opportunities, the INTERNET has fundamentally changed the world. 30 years ago starting your own business meant getting office space, stationary and supplies, hiring employees, and traveling all over to try and sell your product. Few people had the drive to take it on, and even fewer were successful. But the Internet has changed all of that! We live in the era of the “eBay Mom”, who can put her kids through collage by learning a simple successful business formula. The reality of a successful home-based business is more accessible to people then ever before.

The thing is, you’ll never reach your goals by working hard for someone else. Think about it… who gets wealthy? The guy with 200 people working for him, or one of the 200 people? You can never generate true wealth at a “job”. Even if you’re an exceptional asset to the company, and are being paid a large salary… ask yourself… if you’re being paid this much, how much more are you making for the owner? And for that matter, if you have the skills and ability to be making as much as you are… you certainly have the skills to create a successful home-based business of your own and generate an income that far exceeds anything you can make working for someone else!

Passive, Residual Income

Ah, those are wonderful words… It means you work really hard today, but eventually you can stop working all together but the paychecks keep on coming. Think that will happen at your current job? The only way you can create residual income working for someone else is to invest the money your earn (assuming there’s something left over after paying all your bills) and hope it grows enough over time to pay you back. But think about that… even if you were able to invest 20% of your current income (more then most anyone can afford) and you earned 20% interest on it through your investments… the total you get back will still just be a FRACTION of what you earn each month.

When you build a successful home-based business, you are creating a money making machine that will run even when you’re sleeping… taking a day off, or permanently on vacation! You can continue to get paid your FULL monthly paycheck each and every month after you stop working… (plus you could be making the same 20% investment if you want to as well!) This can only happen when you own the business… never from working for someone else.

Time Flexibility

Most people are attracted to home-based business for the financial benefits, but as those that have gone on to achieve financial independence know, there are even greater benefits than the money… Like spending more time with your loved ones, or being there to actually watch your kids grow up.

These are not pipe dreams! With hard work you really can trade in your job for a home-based business where you have a 50 foot daily commute to work… from your bedroom to your office!

What is the value of having the freedom to do what you want? …when you want to do it? What is it worth to you to be able to take the day off ANY day that you need to, in order to be there for the ones you love?

Too many parents are unable to even be there to witness their children’s lives. Worse yet, today’s society tries to make it look okay! Movies glorify the struggling single parent who’s forced to choose between making money or being there for their kids. Or the family where one of the parents can just never seem to make it to their child’s soccer game.

It’s NOT okay… and you are right to be determined to live differently!

The bottom line is… Veretekk gets it!

We understand your motivations… and we applaud you for taking agressive action to secure your (and your family’s) future.

You have just become part of The Social Network for Home-Based Businesses!

Every aspect of the system has been designed (over a 15+ year period!) specifically to produce results for small business entrepreneurs. And it doesn’t matter what your business is… Veretekk is totally customizable to focus on your particular needs.

Don’t just sit there! You have at your fingertips the most powerful and proven online system for exploding your home-based business! Login to your (or register) account and get engaged in the community! Remember, there are literally 1000’s and 1000’s of other people just like you… but all with different experiences and backgrounds… ready and waiting to share information and knowledge that can dramatically expand your success.

Oh… and sit in on the live conferences and workshops!

Just watch the calendar at the bottom of your Dashboard when you login. There are countless events happening all the time that are designed to help you learn powerful techniques for getting serious results.

Welcome home to Veretekkk… we understand you… and we’re so glad you’re here!

Follow VereBlog Feature Activated!

VereBlogs Are The Heart Of Marketing
Now You Can Follow Those That Are Important To You…

Okay… okay… okay! Yes, we have heard you! While the Veretekk blogging system (aka “VereBlog”) has been around now for many years, ever since the beta launch of V2 we have been receiving requests for there to be a way for you to “follow” other people’s blogs. Meaning… be notified when they post to their blog. Initially we thought this would be addressed well enough by the “Friends – Recent Posts” section in your Veretekk Dashboard. But the requests kept coming!

So okay, we listened… and we get it. (Thank you!) There are lots of scenarios when it’s beneficial to have an actual notification occur when there’s a new post on a VereBlog you’re interested in. In fact, my blog is a perfect example. Many of you have responded to me and said you love these posts because you’re able to find out about new Veretekk features immediately as they come out… plus you can read my personal explanation about what the feature/tool is designed for, how it works, and why it’s important. But you’ve also told me it’s a pain to have to randomly come to my Profile Page just to check if there is anything new. Each time I post to my blog, I also try to post to a few VereWalls as well so people are aware… but many have responded (rightfully so) that this isn’t adequate because you could easily miss the VereWall post on a busy day.

So, we’ve added a “Follow This Blog” feature to the system. Go to any Profile Page and you will see the link just below the VereBlog on that page (you must be logged into the system). Click it and you will start receiving notifications each time there’s a new post. These occur both as emails, but also show up in the Notification pane in your Dashboard.

So finally… you can go out and select whatever VereBlogs you’re most interested in following, and the system will bring the updates and information right to you in your Dashboard.

The Veretekk Widget Is Back!

Professional Marketer Branding
Wear Your Badge Proudly!

The Veretekk Widget has been updated and reactivated for use with Veretekk 2.0. It’s designed to allow you to brand your own websites with your very own Veretekk account information. It is seamlessly integrated with your Veretekk system and requires no special or additional configuration. Simply paste the widget code into any website where you want to display your widget, and you’re done!

All of the content is automatically generated from your Veretekk system data and settings. So whatever social systems (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) you have connected to your Veretekk account are reflected through the buttons on the widget.

For Veretekk Gold members… your web conference room is also automatically attached.

Use your widget on websites you control outside of Veretekk.
It is a powerful branding tool that identifies you as a marketing professional.

New Gold Web Conference Room Integration And Upgrade Ability!

New Gold Web Conference Room Integration And Upgrade Ability!

Expand Your Room To Fit Your Business
Benefit From Total V2 Conference Room Integration…

The VoIP web conference room that’s included with every Veretekk Gold system is a powerful marketing tool and necessity for any serious online marketing professional. Other companies charge $50/month or more for a similar conference room as the one you get as part of the Veretekk Gold package… meaning, the conference room alone practically pays for your entire membership!

Your conference room is now fully integrated into the rest of your Veretekk 2.0 system. For example, you can configure your Profile Page to display a button for people to access your room… for meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences, sales presentations, or just one-on-one conversations with visitors anywhere in the world! To configure the new settings, just go to your Profile Page and click the “Edit Settings” link under the Web Conference Room Login logo.

If you manage a Group, the same controls are available there as well…

But that’s not all… We listen carefully to our customers! And for a long time now we’ve received feedback from lots of people saying that the 5 seat room that comes with Gold isn’t big enough to meet their particular needs. Up until now we’ve just directed people to go sign up for a retail room at VereConference.com, which can be upgraded to as many seats as needed.

However, the new features in Veretekk 2.0 include tight integration of your gold conference room with the rest of the system (e.g. your Profile Page, Group pages, etc.) Thus, there are a lot of added benefits for being able to actually upgrade your gold conference room itself. Well, you asked, so…

You can now upgrade the size of your Gold web conference room!

You can increase the size of your room, or decrease it, anytime you want. Just go to the Communication section of your system and click the Conference Room button.

As usual you also have the ability to configure your room settings as well… The title of your room, welcome message, home page URL, color scheme, recording options, whiteboard accessibility, private texting, web browsing, auto locking, etc.

And oh… by the way… there are some great features that come with your room that other systems just can’t touch. Why? Because at Veretekk we design these tools specifically for marketing professionals and so we understand the types of things you need.

For example, did you know you have a hyperlink for your room that you can use anywhere you want to allow people to enter your room? You’re not forced (as with so many other systems) to send people to some login page somewhere in order for people to join your conferences. You can simply email them the link… put it on your own web sites, blogs, or pretty much anywhere you want. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Veretekk also provides you with HTML form code that you can embed in any website you want to display an actual login form for your room. This allows you to collect a little more information about your prospects (like where they are entering your room from). You can format the style and appearance of the form however you want!

As new features and tools are added to V2, they will continue to leverage the power and integration of your gold conference room. So if you’ve started thinking seriously about really promoting and growing your business, now is the time to get a larger conference room to help it happen!

Profile Page Default Tab

Show Off What Makes You Look Great!
Control Over Default Tabs Is Here

I have a nice blog… I’m not bragging… just say’in.

So given that, I’d prefer to have my VereBlog tab be the one displayed by default on my profile page… know what I mean?

Well now you can. Just click the “Edit Website Info” link on your Profile Page (when logged into the system) and you can configure which of your tabs you want displayed by default when people visit your site:

  • Activity
  • VereBlog
  • Friends
  • Credentials

By default the system shows the Activity tab which contains your VereWall. Why, because for new members it contains the most interesting content… or for inactive members, maybe the only content at all!

But as you start really using Veretekk, posting to your VereBlog, etc… it’s natural to want to show off your work. By displaying your VereBlog by default when people come to your Profile Page, you ensure people see it without having to click anything at all.

Or… maybe you have 345,287 Friends in the system, and so want to show that off (who wouldn’t!) You can set it to show your Friends tabs by default instead. Same goes for Credentials, because some people have a lot to brag about – and brag they should! Show off all of those outside websites and systems you control… and then configure your Profile Page to show the Credentials tab by default.

Just another slick Veretekk enhancement…

Custom VereBlog Timezones

Posts Now Reflect Your Local Time
More Customized Then Ever, Just For You!

We’ve updated the VereBlog system so your posts will reflect your timezone, not Veretekk’s (which is Mountain Time, by the way…)

If you want to take advantage, go to your Dashboard and click the “Edit” link in the Account Information section. From there you can configure your local timezone and you posts will reflect it. If you don’t have a timezone configured in the system, MST will be used.

VereWall Features Explained

Powerful Community-Driven Logic…
Results In Greater Value For All

As there have been quite a number of changes to the configuration and features available through the VereWalls, I thought it worthwhile to take a minute to outline what’s there and how it all works…

VereWalls are at the heart of live public communications at Veretekk. Sure… you have your blog that you can post to for people to read, and soon we will launch Veretekk Messaging (shhhh… our little secret, ok?) to allow you to better communicate with your Friends. But in terms of live interaction, fully accessible to all Veretekk members, the VereWalls are where it’s at.

So what’s the big deal with VereWalls anyway… they don’t do anything for SEO, don’t capture lead data, and don’t “automate” any part of your marketing. So why bother with them anyway??? Well, one the common things we have continued to hear at Veretekk for many years is members saying…

The value of the professional networking through Veretekk is priceless!

We’ve taken it to heart. The VereWalls then are the primary medium through which this valuable member-to-member interaction occurs. It’s where many new members meet other people for the first time… It’s where new ideas are shared, and can disappear in the blink of an eye, or be taken up by the community and heavily commented on through spirited discussion. VereWalls are the fluid consciousness of the community expressing itself. Conversations, public or private, can start on walls and then move into live web conference rooms for a more meaningful experience and sharing of information.

All kinds of information can be posted to VereWalls. Beyond member contributions, the system itself will post to the main community wall from time to time to welcome a new Veretekk member, announce a new Gold member, new Group, etc.

So here are the features… You know the basics:

  • Post text
  • Post images
  • Post videos
  • Post website links

But there are additional features as well when you do these things. For example, check the box when you post something and the system will automatically notify you when someone comments on your post:

And as mentioned in a previous blog post, when posting a video to a wall, you have the option of also having it added to your list of Profile Page videos as well.

Beyond the posts themselves, you have the ability to add a comment to any post. Posts can have an unlimited number of comments, although the system will only display the last 2 comments that were made. You can click the link just above the comments if you want to expand the screen and see them all:

If you “Like” a post, click the link and the Like tally will increase. If you change your mind you can click the “unlike” link to reverse the action.

The opposite function is “Dislike”. Click it as the Dislike tally increases. If enough people “Dislike” a post (usually because someone is spamming a wall because they have no clue how to be successful online), then the post will become hidden from view for everyone other than the person who posted it. That threshold is currently set at 10 Dislikes (but could change anytime). You can always click the link on a hidden post if you want it to go ahead and display it for you. The opposite of Dislike is “Un-Dislike”, which will reverse your clicking the Dislike link. Note that you cannot simultaneously Like and Dislike a post.

Then there is Sharing. This is a great feature because it facilitates viral communication within the community. If you read a post that you want to Share, just click the link and you’re able to designate where you want to share it. All members have the option of doing so on their own Profile Page wall and the main community wall, but for those that are a member of a Group, you can also share posts there as well. If you add a comment when sharing, it will be posted to both the wall(s) you are sharing to as well as below the post on the originating wall.

Another cool thing about sharing, is it credits the original poster on all of the shared posts and provides a link back to the original VereWall location where it was posted:

Oh… and you may be wondering how the posts themselves are organized on VereWalls? Naturally they are listed in chronological order (i.e. most recent stuff at the top). But the time stamp for each post is based on the last “action” taken relative to that post. For example, adding a comment to a post will cause it (the post and all comments under it) to jump to the top of the posts on that wall. Liking or Sharing a post works the same way. Disliking a post does not (since after all, you’re not wanting to reward the poster by pushing it to the top of the list).

Beyond the VereWalls themselves, don’t forget…

You have total control over your own Profile Page VereWall!

Just go to your profile page (while logged into the system) and click the “Edit Settings” link at the top of your VereWall. There’s all kinds of cool stuff you can do with your own wall (same thing if you are a Group owner). For example:

  • Wall Title – You can label your VereWall however you want.
  • Title Image – Or if you prefer, create a custom logo for your brand and VereWall.
  • Wall Viewing – Who gets to see your wall? Anyone (public), just Veretekk members, just Friends?
  • Posting – Designate who’s allowed to post: text, photos, links, videos.

You can have it however you want it at Veretekk.

Look forward to more features and enhancements coming to a VereWall near you in the future. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and so we’ll continue to deliver more and more for members’ benefit.

Veretekk Groups Get “SEO’ed!”

New Group Permalink Feature Enhances SEO
Full Site Control Of Title, Meta Tags, And More…

Veretekk Groups, meet SEO… SEO, meet Veretekk Groups!

For all of your group founders… your group now has its very own URL (permalink) that can be configured to perfectly suit your particular group. So rather than having to use a group URL such as http://veretekk.com/2/group.php?id=413 you can now use something like this instead: http://veretekk.com/group/the_bull_pen

But it gets even better… similar to the functionality of user Profile Pages, you can now update the META tag information on your group page. Just go there and click the “Edit Website Info” link. You can configure your title, description, keywords… even thumbnail image and update your desired PermaLink for your group website URL.

All of this of course blends perfectly with the rest of the powerful SEO tools available through Veretekk… especially for Gold members and Market Manager owners.

VereWall Viewing Controls

Viewing Of Groups And Profile Page Walls Now Configurable!
Flexibility, Power, And Full Control Are Yours…

All Veretekk members now have the ability to configure who is allowed to view your VereWall…

You can configure your system to allow anyone (the public) to view the content of your wall… only Veretekk members, or in the case of Groups… only members of that group. Or if you like, close off your wall and nobody can see it at all!

This is a great feature for private clubs, teams, and associations that want to not only limit who’s allowed to post to your wall (which of course you can do as well), but also screen the people that you want to even see the content. Privacy is fully in your hands at Veretekk!

The New Event Calendar Has Been Activated!

From The Desk Of The WWW Guy…

The New Event Calendar Has Been Activated!

Live Web Conferencing Events
Seminars, Workshops, Software Demonstrations, Training, And More…

The new calendar is installed! It allows navigation to other dates (as it did in the past) and is tagged for easy conference room entry for members and visitors alike. When you’re logged into your account, simply click the “Enter Room” button next to the event you want to join. You don’t have to be bothered by a separate login process, the system takes care of that for you.

There are 3 types of events as far as access is concerned. Gold events are only accessible to Veretekk Gold members. They are displayed in gold on the calendar. If you aren’t a Gold member then you will still see the event, but there will not be a login button. The second event type is for all Veretekk members. These are shown in silver and are accessible to anyone logged into the system. The third type is for public events. These events are open for anyone to participate in, including the public.

Public access to Veretekk events is a big change… and great improvement. It allows anyone to come to the http://veretekk.com website and go directly into a web conference room to join a meeting, seminar, informational workshop, etc. They don’t need to sign up for Veretekk or anything… just walk right in! They simply enter their name in the provided field and click the “Enter Room” button for the public event they wish to access.

As people login, their names are tagged for easy reference… For example, “g_John Smith” indicates I’m a gold member… “s_John Smith” means I’m a silver member… and “v_John Smith” means I don’t have a Veretekk account and am just logged in as a visitor. An additional feature with the visitor tag is that an additional tag is added for people that enter through a Profile Page… Say, for example, I invite a bunch of prospects to come join a free marketing workshop being put on by Veretekk’s CEO, Thomas Prendergast. I tell them to go to http://marketing.veretekk.com (my Profile Page) to access the web conference room. When they login there, their name will be tagged as “v_John Doe_marketing” which tells the presenter that not only is John Doe a visitor, but he entered the room through my profile page. Pretty cool, huh?

But the newest feature for the calendar is the integration with Reminders… allowing you to schedule yourself to attend future calendar events. When you are logged into your system looking at the calendar, each event will have a small icon displayed next to the “Enter Room” button:

When you click this icon, the system will add the event to your schedule by inserting a record into your Reminders panel. When the day for that event comes, the Reminder will display in your Dashboard. So now, you can take a few minutes to go through the upcoming events each week and schedule yourself in advance to stay more organized then ever!

Group Pages Now Have Web Conferencing… And Linking!

Web Conferencing And Link Box For Veretekk Groups!
Streamlined Access, Privacy, And Control…

FYI all you Group owners… Full featured VoIP live Web Conferencing is now built into your Group pages! Every Veretekk Gold account comes with its very own web conference room. Now that room can be connected with any/all of the groups you create. (If you don’t have a Gold account… this is just another reason to consider upgrading right away!)

As with everything else in V2, you have full control over the configuration settings for your room. These are accessed in the Communications section of your back office (just click the Conference Room button). But you also have control over who is able to see and use the room from your Group page. You can configure the settings for whether the Web Conference login logo is displayed or not, and who you allow access to (public, Veretekk members only, or group members only).

The new link box is also now available on Group profile pages, allowing you to set up links to as many group resources as you like. Great for SEO as well! You can easily add as many links as you want, and order them however you see fit. There is no limit to the number of links, or possible uses, for this new feature.

Look for more great features to expand the potential of your V2 Groups page coming soon…

Keeping You Informed Of The Stuff You Want To Know…
And Filtering Out The Stuff You Don’t Care About

When properly configured, your Traffic Portals will generate tons of high quality leads which are then available for you to use all of the various system tools on in marketing your business. Each time someone signs up into one of your portals, the system will send you a lead notification email by default. As you expand your marketing efforts, the number of leads you generate each day may start to rise considerably. So you have the ability to turn on/off those portals which you want to receive the notifications from (so you can stop high volumes of notifications from a given portal if you desire). This capability has existed in the system for many years.

But now Notification options have gotten even better!

Beyond lead notifications you can configure the system to tell you about all kinds of other things as well:

The idea is to help you stay up to date on the stuff that matters most to you! (and have the system automatically filter out all of the other stuff going on throughout the Veretekk community that you aren’t interested in).

By default the system will send you a notification each time someone posts to the VereWall on your Profile Page. If you join a Group, you’ll start receiving notifications each time someone posts to the Group’s wall as well. Additionally, when you post to a wall, you can check a checkbox to have the system automatically notify you each time someone adds a comment or shares your post on another wall. If you want to start receiving post notifications for any wall, simply navigate to it and click the “Start Notify” link right below that wall. Likewise you can click the “Stop Notify” link at anytime on walls that you are receiving post notifications from.

Based on the settings you configure, the notifications will show up in your Dashboard as they occur:

The Notifications themselves are then listed for you to act on, or simply delete… up to you. Never before has such a tool existed within Veretekk to help you stay organized and focused on the activities that matter most to you. Enjoy!

Group Invitations Now Active

From The Desk Of The WWW Guy…

Group Invitations Now Active

Reach Out And Invite Someone!
Grow Your Group Faster Then Ever…

Group Invitations are activated! What does that mean? If you have created a group, you can now have the system send invitations to your Veretekk friends to come join it. Just go to your group page and click the “Invite Members” link below the group photo.

VereWalls Now Sport Their Own RSS Feeds

Content Syndication On Steroids
To Grow Your Online Marketing Kingdom

Are you an RSS junkie? Well if so, you’ll enjoy the new VereWall XML feature… use the link at the bottom of any wall in Veretekk 2.0 to syndicate the wall posts on any other website you like! Happy posting…!

Share Video And Post To Profile Page

Simultaneous Posting And Sharing
Simplifying Things For You…

Another FYI – when posting a video to a VereWall, you now have the option of checking a box to automatically have it added to your profile page videos!

Profile Page META Control

Critical Search Engine Optimization Features
Now Available For Your Profile Page As Well

You can update more of your Profile Page information than ever before… All of the normal portal control features are there (title, keyword, description, author tags, etc.), but there are a few additional enhancements now as well.

You can add as many keywords to your meta keywords tag as you want. No limit.

You can now add thumbnail images to your site as well. These show up when you reference your Profile Page URL in other systems, which will automatically search your page and find the images to use in those systems.

To access these features, just go to your Profile Page (while logged into the system) and click the “Edit Webdite Info” link.

Simple… easy breezy!

The Veretekk Testing Group

VereTesting Is Here!
Volunteer Techies Unite…

I wanted to comment briefly on a new group we have formed to help facilitate testing of the new Veretekk features as they come online. These “VereTesters” provide a valuable service through their dedicated efforts to police the system for minor bugs and problems so we can ensure everything is running smoothly.

Recently we created a small verification tag which these select few can place on their websites and wear as a badge of honor. When you see it, PLEASE THANK THEM! They are volunteers that work very hard to help improve the system for everyone else.

Updated RSS Feeds – VereBlog, Superblogs, and BlogFather

RSS Feed Frenzy
Syndicate Content The Veretekk Way!

Okay, this morning’s initial update is a simple, but important one. We have updated the now overhauled RSS (Blog) system throughout Veretekk. This applies to your VereBlog (the RSS feed that comes with each Gold system), all SuperBlogs (more than one VereBlog combined into one through a Platinum system), as well as free BlogFather blogs.

The new format is much more accurate in terms of formatting and allows the feeds to validate through all different types of readers online. This will allow the content to be more easily shared and syndicated by subscribers worldwide. Additionally, a minor bug fix was corrected to allow editing of individual blog posts. Enjoy!

Veretekk Content Sharing

The Power Of People Is The Power Of Community
Why Reinvent The Wheel When Others Can Help?

Today I want to talk briefly on another new feature that will be released in conjunction with the new HTML Editor… it’s the Content Sharing tool. Whereas the new Editor is what will allow subscribers to have the full flexibility and control to create more dynamic and effective blog posts and emails than ever before, the Content Sharing system is what will allow you to exponentially expand the power of the system by being able to share a wide variety of content back and forth with other Veretekk members.

The power and implications of this new tool are staggering. Consider the thousands of other Veretekk subscribers out there… who you now have a way to work better with than ever before. If you are already established in your business, most likely you have a lot of Veretekk referrals – now you can publish content directly for them to use in their own marketing campaigns! Likewise, if you are someone just getting started in your business, you can subscribe to content from your team leaders in order to get a fast start and leg up on building your business fast!

HTML templates, images, flash video and other media files… all of it can now be shared between subscribers. Soon I will launch this new set of tools into the Veretekk Gold system as part of the new Email Publishing system. But it won’t stop there… hold on tight because shortly thereafter these kinds of tools will be added to several other areas throughout the Veretekk systems including VereMail, VereConference, and Free-Site!

The New HTML Email Editor

Email Design Meets Simplicity
More Effective Email Templates And Results

A big addition to the system is about to be added… the new HTML Editor for composing marketing emails. I will be sending out an announcement about this soon and we’ll provide a sneak peek to those attending next week’s web conference. The new system will offer a full featured HTML editor for both developing your emails and posts to your own VereBlog system. Beyond that though, it will come with a powerful Content Sharing system that allows you and all other Veretekk subscribers to exchange and use content between your systems.

Back In The Saddle


Well I suppose it’s about time to publish another blog devoted to exposing our ongoing system developments and much anticipated upgrades…

Eventually many of you Veretekkies out there will find (and probably start to follow) this blog. While its purpose may change over time, for now I intend to use it as the place where I will post information and updates about new features, tools, and system releases into the Veretekk and related systems. So if you have found this… start following this blog as it will be the only place you can get information about Veretekk ahead of time… and straight from the primary architect of the system!


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