Veretekk was Unfair Advantage

Veretekk was Unfair Advantage

I started Veretekk in 1996 as an automated marketing system (I coined the term) first of its kind. “The Unfair Advantage” was also coined by me and defined what Veretekk was. She was a first of her kind. Built from grass roots and experience as a first to arrive on the Internet, having owned and run an advertising agency in the 80s in Silicon Valley, seeing the power of the Internet as I built my first MLM Company called Powernet into a record breaking 60,000 members in months, I was on fire.

 I was on a mission, to lift up the unemployable, the single parent, the under retired, the handicapped, the broke, broken and rejected who still saw the promise and believed.

This mission to empower the little gal and guy has evolved into a full blown vision to change the world. As the Rise of the Entrepreneur has becoming mainstream (you have noticed an entrepreneur is leading the polls in the presidential race)

So I rolled up my sleeves to build a place where entrepreneurs could hang out, where tools were available so we could develop real leads, not buy them. I found buying leads pernicious, where rejection was the norm. After all, no one likes spam email then or now, or the spam faxes and especially unsolicited phone calls pitching some deal.

So the second most important job was delivering a system that delivered leads that wanted to know you, wanted your call and we did with Blastomatic. It was a tech I invented called the Hammer. And we delivered literally 100s of millions of unique leads.

As a past Veretekk subscriber you probably remember most of this, the dedication training the masses how to market on the Internet, the ease to achieve top rankings on the Internet.

A lot has changed since those days. Social Networks have matured; Social trumps SEO, broadcasting and blogging are pursued tools. Remote broadcasting services run as high as $250 per month.  But there is nothing out there like Veretekk was combined into a powerful well connected social network.

This is what I have built. In 2013 I had a next generation vision for a new type of Automated Marketing System that would actually tale giant leaps ahead and become the first real social networked inbound marketing system. I raised over $300,000 to build it. It became Markethive this year and we opened the doors in an Alpha type pre Beta pre-launch.

Markethive offers the best of the state of the art inbound marketing technology money can buy. In fact if you were to try and build a similar type system by subscriptions, you would be looking at a grocery list like this:

Feedly  (organize, sort and manage 3rd party feeds for your journalistic endeavors) free

Google Hangouts (conference rooms, broadcasting, messaging, voice, webinars) free

Hootsuit (Social Messaging and Broadcasting management and scheduling) $10.00

Marketo (B2B marketing & lead management, multi channel messaging) $3000.00

Eloqua (Success workshops, campaign coops, Social broadcasting, email automation) $4000.00

Aweber (lead capture plugins, autoresponders, email broadcasting) $150.00

Ontraport (lead capture pages, web pages, email templates, workshops) $300.00

Some of these services are free, most are not. There are many other similar services but nothing that is all inclusive and nothing that is integrated into a LinkedIn | Facebook like Social Network. Well, nothing until Markethive arrived.

That is a monthly value equivalent to over $7000 per month. Granted it is not all delivered yet, Most of it is and the rest is in development.

Markethive is and will be offering a summary of these services and more 100% free forever. You see, Markethive is built to generate her revenue via advertising and our affiliate program is designed to share up to 50% of that revenue with you. Take LinkedIn for example, their revenue is somewhere around 1.5 billion.

But Wait we really have not arrived yet. We have been in the works for 3 years. I decided to give all the past Veretekk subscribers a heads up today. So you can all get in on some of the pre-launch offers. I am offering a very limited partnership that will share the company’s revenue with you until we either sell or the world ends.

Think about it.

We are close to our full scale launch as I complete the details of our affiliate program. But the doors are open to join by invitation only.

And consider this my officially invitation to join.

Also make sure you check the calendar in the dash board for my daily meetings, workshops and updates.

Here is that official invite

Looking forward to your return

Thomas Prendergast
CMO Markethive Inc.